BREAKING: Trump To Build And Staff His Own Prison, Like Pablo Escobar

BREAKING: Trump To Build And Staff His Own Prison, Like Pablo Escobar

Following the verdict of the non KYC transaction trial, Trump announced that he would be negotiating with the "Sham Court" to allow him to build his own prison, operate it, and staff it. He stated that his preferred option would be to convert Mar-A-Lago into a fully operating prison that could accommodate his luxurious lifestyle, and that he was, "Inspired by Pablo Escobar."

Pablo Escobar was a notorious drug king pin in Columbia during the 1980s-1990s. Unliked Donald Trump, Escobar was never successfully elected to the presidency of Columbia, though he did get elected to the Chamber of Representatives. At one point, Escobar was arrested and allowed to build his prison, staffed by his own guards, with minimal restrictions.

To many, Pablo Escobar is still considered a hero. Some right wing political experts have stated that Donald Trump is a spiritual successor to Escobar. The drug king pin was considered by many to be a hero to the people as he attempted to fight the Columbian Deep State with his violent drug empire.

Donald Trump still is considered very different than Pablo Escobar because any violent actions he has committed were done under his "political authority" and therefore are considered appropriate. His extrajudicial murder of rival gang leader, Qassem Soleimani in 2020 was applauded by many who believe in merits of political authority.

In order to convert Mar-A-Lago into a fully functional prison, Trump proposes building large walls around it (To keep the immigrants out), building a McDonalds, as well as doing general renovations to make it more comfortable for long term living. All of this is pending judge approval, but the likelihood of Donald Trump being allowed to build his own prison appear to be rather high.

Never before has a former US president ever been charged and convicted of a crime, let a lone being charged for participating in a non kyc transaction.

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