CIA Director Insists Jason Lowery's Engagement Is Organic

CIA Director Insists Jason Lowery's Engagement Is Organic

Critics of Jason Lowery have cited that the "Space Spook" has seemingly come out of nowhere only to dominate the conversation on Bitcoin Twitter. CIA Director William J. Burns defended Jason in a press release by saying, "All of Jason's engagement on social media is organic. He's just a bright boy."

According to experts on the topic, the CIA has never, ever been known to influence social media personalities engagement, or to even meddle with social media in general. The US government is committed to peace, prosperity, and somewhat fair speech.

Alex Gladstein gave his thoughts on the subject on a Bitcoin Magazine Twitter Space, "You should like Jason Lowery, and support him with all your energy because he is the poster boy for Democracy. Jason is like Bitcoin's version of Captain America. He is representing the power that will defeat dictator Vladamir Putin."

Across Twitter, there is a great debate over the CIA director's claims. Many Bitcoin maximalist conspiracy theorists such as cowardly nym "Stoney Bitson"  are not impressed. "I'm going to buy Jason's new book and burn it," tweeted Bitson which resulted in his account getting banned for the infinite time.

According to insiders familiar with the CIA, there is no current effort to disrupt the Bitcoin community and the CIA is far more concerned with convincing the American people to bankrupt themselves in order to prolong the war in Ukraine.

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