CIA/FBI/NSA All Sue To Redact Samourai's Client List From Trial

CIA/FBI/NSA All Sue To Redact Samourai's Client List From Trial

In a shocking move, many 3 letter government agencies have sued the United States Department of Justice, requesting to keep Samourai Wallet's client list sealed through the trial and after. Some legal experts are speculating this likely points to the possibility that members of the agency were using Samourai's services and wanted to protect their activities for "national security reasons."

Different federal agencies have sued the courts to keep information sealed in many cases including the famous Jeffrey Epstein case. Despite many powerful and famous individuals being implicated in the Epstein case, the Feds and courts which regulate them have felt that the client list should be kept secret for "National Security" reasons.

The desire to have the client list redacted from the court case suggests that the 3 letter agencies were using Bitcoin and Samourai wallet's services to launder money for a variety of reasons. But if the government was using Samourai's services in order to launder money, that would likely mean it would not be illegal, and they were wrongly being charged.

In a constitutional democracy like the United States, laundering money for intelligence agencies is considered a fully legal activity. Banking institutions with Federal Reserve oversight, partake in it regularly with little to no consequence. The CIA has become so sophisticated in their laundering operations, learning much since their time in Mena, Arkansas.

In the 1980's Barry Seal, a notorious drug smuggler, was recruited by the DEA and CIA to smuggle drugs into the US for National Security Reasons. While the activity was illegal, because he was doing it for national security reasons, at the behest of 3 letter government agencies, it was obviously a protected activity as national security trumps all laws, constitutional protections, and moral convictions.

This and many other examples explain why government needs secrecy to protect the public, while privacy should not be afforded to average citizens which do not have an impact on overall national security, except for compliance. For the average citizen to keep society safe, they must strictly follow laws around reporting finances, comply with TSA, as well as other rules intended to keep people safe including lack of financial privacy.

But why was the Federal Government bringing in drugs to the country during a time they were also ramping up the War on Drugs to prosecute the users of the drugs they were importing? Well the answers to that are locked away for national security reasons, so all we can do is believe that it was done for the correct reasons to keep our country safe.

If there was ever a case that had Alan Dershowitz's name on it, it is this case. Dershowitz has represented other individuals such as Jeffrey Epstein, who also laundered money for the CIA. Dershowitz has a tendency to try and represent controversial individuals and claims to care about human rights.

There is no real way around looking at this trial as an example of an intelligence agency going rogue and the Department of Justice enabling it. While it is understandable for the CIA and various other agencies to need the client list kept private, the individuals arrested have not done anything illegal.

"It is not illegal to launder the CIA's money in a democracy."
-Rod Palmer

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