Klaus Schwab States He Wants Bitcoiners Sterilized To "Prevent Excessive Breeding"

Klaus Schwab States He Wants Bitcoiners Sterilized To "Prevent Excessive Breeding"

The leader of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, has announced a plan to incentivize Bitcoiners to voluntarily get sterilized. "Every time I log onto Twitter, I am bombarded with tweets of Bitcoiners having babies. Not only is bad for the planet, but bad for our ability to control them. Bitcoiners are increasingly home schooling their kids and refusing to get them vaccinated, depriving their children of potentially becoming gay transgender communists. We need to take their reproductive capabilities," Klaus said in an unhinged speech last week. He went on later to express that Bitcoiners are not only super spreaders of disease by not getting vaccinated, but also super spreaders of disinformation and climate change.

Schwab's plan to incentivize Bitcoiners comes in a few different phases:

-Phase 1 will start by approaching individuals offering free lifetime Telegram/Twitter premium subscriptions.

-Phase 2 will include offering a free ticket to a beefsteak and or Bitcoin Magazine Conference Tickets.

-Phase 3 will only be reserved for the most stubborn Bitcoiners and will include offering Coinkite products like the Block Clock, as well as Open Dimes with sizable amounts of Bitcoin on them.

His goal was to keep all of the details a secret as not to incentivize indviduals to reject the first two offerings in order to get the Bitcoin, but the Bugle has eyes and ears everywhere. On top of that, the World Health Organization is looking at partnering with the WEF to run a similar program to incentivize Bitcoiners to get vaccinated and respect programs like international vaccine passports. Many of the global puppet masters seem to be incredibly distressed by Bitcoiner's unwillingness to comply with their mandates, but also their blatant disrespect towards them.

The WEF has expressed how disruptive it will be to their future plans having so many children of Bitcoiners running around, growing up unvaccinated, undocumented, and outside of the public education system. "A terrifying study has shown that children of Bitcoiners are far less likely to have the chance to become gay transgender communists as a result of the outsized percentage of zem home schooling," Schwab continued in his speech. "Ze world will not know true peace until the cypherpunks are weeded out."

Schwab's words are indicative of a major change in approach to handling resistance to the WEF's goals of world domination. They appear to working towards less heavy handed responses to resistance, offering a carrot first. Many Bitcoiners are likely to reject the WEF and choose their fertility, as many braved the consequences of the vaccine mandates in order to protect their fertility before. The promise of free Krispy Kreme's and keeping your job were not enough to persuade many to submit to the safe and effective injection.

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