Deater Bob Capitulates, Announces He's Become a Father

Deater Bob Capitulates, Announces He's Become a Father

In a stunning capitulation, Bitcoin X user GHOSTawyeeBOB has announced he's become a new father and is excited to start a new family. Deater announced the birth of his son, Deater Bob Jr. this morning after a 7 day hiatus from X, which he attributed to being in "Twitter jail", presumably coinciding with the event.

This event marks the most significant capitulation on Bitcoin X, to date, surpassing Udi Wertheimer's capitulation on shitcoining on protocol's other than Bitcoin. Some analysts say these massive capitulations precede Bitcoin bull markets although the price is down about 4% today on the news.

The size and impact of this capitulation is measured by Deater's infamous trolling regarding having children and his outspoken opposition to anyone, much less himself, having any. Deater is knowing to troll X users by suggesting that its selfish and foolish for people to have kids, especially poor people. Deater often claims the desire to have kids is an attempt by adults who have a hole in their life to fill it by having children.

"I've always believed that one can live a happy and fulfilling life without kids. My wife and I were proud to be DINKs (Dual Income, No kids). We use our extra money to buy expensive cars, stack sats, and broadly enjoy life." Deater is on the record saying. "People who have kids have no choice but to accept their fate and make the best of it. They tell themselves they're happy, but I don't believe them."

All of this changed, however, when reports of money laundering and sanctions violations by terrorist group Hamas made headlines in recent weeks. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and the Wall Street Journal claimed Hamas was using Binance and Bitcoin to fund their operations and avoid having their assets frozen. Deater, an outspoken critic of Hamas, realized after reading these reports that when he died, his Bitcoin would be lost forever which only increased the exchange value of Bitcoin held in custody by Hamas. "If I didn't want my hard earned Bitcoin stack's value to be transferred to terrorists, I had to pass it on to my children." Deater explained. "I guess now, whether I enjoy fatherhood or not, I have no choice but to make the best of it. So far, however, I am enjoying it."

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