Compliance With Government Shows Bitcoin Is "F*** You Money"

Compliance With Government Shows Bitcoin Is "F*** You Money"

This month has seen all new highs as far as Bitcoin companies complying with government agencies. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for regulatory clarity in order to keep us safe from money launders and terrorists. All across the United States, families have gathered to thank FinCEN trying to sanitize Bitcoin in order to keep the banks as the premiere institutions facilitating illicit transactions. The sanitization is ramping up in preparation for a big push to force people to use paper Bitcoin products like the pending BlackRock ETF.

Bitcoiners are reaching new levels of individual sovereignty by continuing to comply with regulators. Bitcoin companies like Swan are leading the charge by joining exchanged like Coinbase and Gemini by preventing individuals who have used collaborative spending tools like Samourai wallet from depositing to the exchange. Swan has also been proactively compliant by labeling the collaborative spending tools as "mixers" which are in the crosshairs of regulators. The confusion on language will inevitably make regulators happy as they try to find new ways to prevent user privacy.

The entire ecosystem interacting with Bitcoin is preparing to reach all new levels of compliance with governments in 2024 to ensure maximum F*** You energy. Compliance shows regulators the disdain these institutions have for Central Banking and the general banking system in general. It is growing more and more apparent that the best way to defeat central banking is to compromise with the proxies enforcing central bank monopolies.

One of the best ways to comply with approved wallets and services is to rely entirely on the Google and Apple App stores. Specifically choosing Apple iPhones is inherently best as you can only load Tim Cook approved applications. Max compliance means max safety for the end user as you are showing that you know that the controllers and gate keepers truly have your best interest in mind.

The only way Bitcoin wins is number go up. Sanitizing Bitcoin by promoting ideas like OFAC compliant blocks is important in order for number to go up. You do not want your transaction included in a block with dirty transactions from the typical scapegoats. You can increase your transparency, because of course you have nothing to hide, by keeping your funds in custodial solutions.

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