Congress To Vote On The US Joining Ukraine, Dan Held To Advise Military

Congress To Vote On The US Joining Ukraine, Dan Held To Advise Military

Washington, DC: A handful of members of congress have submitted a bill for comment in the US house of representatives for the United States to join Ukraine. While the bill appears to be contentious and if passed, would likely be struck down by the Supreme Court as being unconstitutional, there is a non zero chance it does get passed. Already, the various corporate tv news channels have instructed their viewers what to think about the topic with mostly positive coverage of the situation.

Part of the bill outlines that Dan Held would be sent to Ukraine as a military advisor. It would seem that he caught the attention in 2023 for his astute commentary on military strategy. While the Ukrainians did not follow his suggestions of using thermite to defeat the Russians, congress feels that with a new strategy organized by Held, the Ukrainians might be able to make some strategic progress for the first time during the war.

"What this is attempting to do is taking voting out the equation for providing support to Ukraine. If the US becomes a state of Ukraine, congress would be able to direct funding to them much more easily. In many ways this is a coup against the American people," Thomas Massie told the Bugle.

The proposed new flag of Ukraine after the US votes to join

If passed, Volodymyr Zelensky would become the defacto president of the US, having access not only entirely to NATO, it's nuclear arsenal, but also the US budget and federal government. Depending on the timing of the vote, Donald Trump could be running against Zelensky instead of Biden. This could be a very lopsided election as congress has voted to send Zelensky 100s of billions of dollars for his reelection campaign.

Cynthia Lummis applauded the proposed bill saying, "This would be good for American security because if the US joins Ukraine, we could dollarize the country, paving the way for much easier ways for politicians to launder money through the war torn country. Putin has been great for us building our Non KYC stacks."

The FBI is closely watching dissenters against the bill and there has been a series of protests by individuals who feel this is unconstitutional. The FBI put out a PSA saying, "If you want to be noncompliant as a result of our noncompliance, you will get a boot on your neck, and it won't be pretty. We control everything and resistance is futile."

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been reported to censor posts on the subjects at the behest of the FBI and other organizations.

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