Dennis Porter Invites Government Agencies To Participate In Boot Licking Taste Competition

Dennis Porter Invites Government Agencies To Participate In Boot Licking Taste Competition

Dennis Porter, in an attempt to appease politicians and police, has invited different 3 letter agencies to showcase how tasty their boots are at a Satoshi Action event. Different representatives from the DEA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, BLM, FDA, ATF, etc will be showcasing their various boot brands for attendees to lick and vote on their favorite flavor. Porter is likening the event to wine tasting, but with the intent of creating good will between Feds and Bitcoiners. His hope is that the event will change Bitcoiners views of Feds and humanize Bitcoiners to the Feds, promoting cooperation going forward. He believes that despite all the horrible things these federal agencies have done, it is still important to be civil and cooperative with them.

Attendees are discouraged from bringing their dogs to the event in Dallas, Texas as there is a high probability the boot wearers will shoot people's pets, causing the event to no longer be focused on cooperation. For some reason, individuals are generally unhappy when the jackboots shoot their beloved pets in the line of duty.

A major part of the event will be for startup founders to come intermingle with spooks and VCs, which are often the same thing. River investor Peter Thiel will reportedly be there, in order to have lunch with different Bitcoiners and startup founders. Thiel, a self described libertarian, has a long track record of promoting human liberty after getting investment money from the CIA's VC arm, In-Q-Tel for his company Palantir. His company Palantir then went on to help the US government develop freedom oriented surveillance software which was then used to help nation build in Iraq. Having a person like Thiel invested in your company brings tons of credibility and ensures that people know you are truly on the mission of promoting financial freedom, especially with all the work he did at Paypal.

Other VC's rumored to be at the event include former Blackstone/Rothschild investing connected individuals, who obviously have a lot of money to get Bitcoin related companies off the ground. There are just so many funding opportunities that open up when you are willing to be a boot licker. You know a guy

Whether or not the event will truly inspire cooperation between intelligence agencies and Bitcoiners is unknown. It would seem that the entire ecosystem is already infiltrated from top to bottom, and that this event is seeking to normalize that and destigmatize individuals in the Bitcoin community have close ties to and funding from spooks. Dennis is really onto something as cooperation between government and the private sector is the greatest hope for Bitcoin to gain mass adoption, though it is questionable if that adoption will be in line with the cypherpunk ethos. The end goal is for different Bitcoin related companies to get a rubber stamp as well as to cartelize the industry preventing pesky competitors from coming in.

Compromising your values for more fiat dollars using Bitcoin as the vehicle to do that has never been easier! Now the question is which 3 letter agency will have the best tasting boot. Statism is a truly a foot fetish, but one that is the road of less resistance and quick money. Upholding your dignity and sticking to your guns doesn't work in a world of financial terrorists and spooks. You must disregard the collateral damage incurred along the way because compromise is the only way forward. This is about building a better world. A better world for you, but maybe not everyone else.

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