Disney To Stop Making Movies, Donates Money They Would Have Lost To Trans Kids

Disney To Stop Making Movies, Donates Money They Would Have Lost To Trans Kids

In a stunning move, media giant Disney announced that they would no longer be making movies or tv shows indefinitely, until they are able to determine what is cause of all their content flopping. Despite their fans clearly explaining their frustrations with the brand, there still appears to be internal discussion around what the true cause of disdain for their brand is. Many executives in the company, including Kathleen Kennedy, who is the president of Lucasfilm, have suggested that the problem is not their content, but instead the fan base. "Our fans are becoming more racist, which is why it's important we continue to make more anti racist content," the executive reportedly said in an internal company meeting.

South Park's rendition of Kathleen Kennedy at an internal company meeting

Shareholders in Disney have been incredibly unhappy with the stocks performance as just about every single piece of content they have made in 2023 has been a spectacular flop. Fans continue to point out the issues they see with the company, explaining that their reluctance to give the company money, or consume the content has to do with a complete disconnect with reality. "I just want to go to the movies and feel like the people who made the movie don't hate me," said one fan. The company is facing a potential boycott as fans continue to express their concerns and unhappiness with the brand.

Bob Iger announced on Monday that the company would be taking a 6 month pause from putting out any movies or tv shows until they could fully evaluate why all of their movies are losing money in theaters. In the press conference, he announced that the billions of dollars that would be lost over those 6 months on content flopping, would be donated to trans youth organizations. "Every child should be able to afford a trans surgery if they want to," He said. "Many biological boys want to be Disney princesses, and in this difficult time, I want to make sure their dreams come true."

The company's plans to support transgender children has not been received well by fans who feel it is just one more example of the company executives being disconnected from what fans want. In a time of chaos and upheaval, people want their bread and circuses. Having distractions taken away only forces individuals to come to grips with how bad things are right now. The lack of compelling story telling in our society as a result of living on the fiat standard seems to be threatening the general societal cohesion.

There is good news though as Iger also announced that Dylan Mulvaney would be starring in the news Star Wars film set to release in December of 2024.

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