DNC to Begin Mining Bitcoin Using Ocean Pool's "Ordisrespector" Filter to Censor Trump's NFT

DNC to Begin Mining Bitcoin Using Ocean Pool's "Ordisrespector" Filter to Censor  Trump's NFT

The Democratic National Committee today announced a surprising new partnership with Bitcoin Mining Pool Ocean aimed at censoring NFTs issued by the Trump campaign. The DNC said plans to launch operations in March and expects to launch with over 10 EH using the "Ordisrespector" Filter block template policy developed to filter "spam" and other non-monetary transactions. In doing so, the DNC aims to make selling and trading the NFT more expensive. The DNC believes this is just one of the crucial steps that must be taken to protect Democracy as we know it.

A spokesman for the DNC told The Bugle that the committee didn't take Bitcoin skeptics' concerns lightly. "There were many members of the DNC who view Bitcoin as wasteful and harmful to the environment. They didn't feel comfortable contributing to Intentional Climate Change" the spokesman said. The concerns almost killed the initiative until one senior committee member, a former college roommate of Dennis Porter named Duane Dunkleman, got creative. "I worked with DNC board members to re-classify Bitcoin Mining's ESG rating if hash was used to defend Democracy. By highlighting the plan's social and governance benefits, we were able to offset the environmental damage in the ratings matrix. We weren't able to completely offset the damage but we reduced it enough that we will be able to sell carbon credits on the Liquid Network to cover the rest. Liquid is a layer two which is less energy intensive and was chosen by the World Economic Forum to trade carbon credits." Dunkleman explained.

Ordinals critics within the Bitcoin community had mixed reactions to the news that a major political party was entering the Bitcoin mining space. Some welcomed the DNC as an ally in the fight against spam, even if the committee's intentions are less focused on that outcome. Many expressed concerns that the DNC would become addicted to the new revenue, especially if the bull market takes off in 2024. Some cited worries about a 51% attack if Democrats attained enough hash.

While the DNC kept information about their plans secret, for the most part, rumors about Democrats views and policy towards Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining potentially shifting began swirling a few weeks ago when reports surfaced that Nancy Pelosi purchased over $500,000 worth of call options on Bitcoin mining companies. "Always watch what they do, not what they say" said an anonymous pleb who goes by Corntago44 on X.

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