DOJ Launches Formal Investigation Into Elizabeth Warren, Citing Her Stance on Bitcoin As Suspicious

DOJ Launches Formal Investigation Into Elizabeth Warren, Citing Her Stance on Bitcoin As Suspicious

The DOJ has announced that they would be launching a formal investigation into Elizabeth Warren for her blatant attempts to pass bills regarding Bitcoin that would be clearly violating Americans civil rights. Attorney General, Merrick Garland, said, "I don't particularly like Bitcoin because I'm about as fiat as it gets, but it's clear that Elizabeth Warren has a clear agenda to violate Americans constitutionally protected civil rights just to try and stop Bitcoin. We are not a complete banana republic yet, and still have a constitution."

The move by the DOJ to try and protect individual liberties is rather odd, seeing as they have taken a very active role in suppressing individual liberties historically. The stated objective of the investigation is to try and discern why Elizabeth Warren is clearly trying to support money launders and other financial crimes by looking to obstruct the use of Bitcoin, and prop up the fiat money system. The DOJ is concerned that she is working with non state actors (Big banks) to actively try and subvert the constitution of the United States.

Warren has yet to comment on the investigation, but this investigation will be setting a precedent that blatant corruption by politicians, and clear disregard for the constitution are no longer acceptable. Whether or not the agency will also look into her alleged insider trading is unknown. If the DOJ seeks to prosecute individuals who are violating American's constitutional rights, it would mean they would likely be setting their eyes on all former Presidents, as well as heads of intelligence agencies and other government officials.

Many Americans are skeptical of anything meaningful actually happening, after being abused by the US government for so long. The Bugle asked individuals at a random New York City Target store what their opinions were. "All these fuckers want from me is tax dollars. Things keep getting more expensive and worse. It's all so terrible and corrupt," Said Troy Franklin, a resident of Brooklyn.

The sentiment at the random gas station was clear that many do not have any trust in the institutions which rule over them, and there's quite a bit of discontent.

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