Dune Makers Revealed to Control The Price Of Bitcoin

Dune Makers Revealed to Control The Price Of Bitcoin

Twitter user, @empty_banks has revealed with a simple price chart that the makers of the space saga, Dune and Dune 2 are secretly controlling the Bitcoin price behind the scenes. While the many people would have expected to hear that Blockstream, Aliens, or the Feds actually control Bitcoin price, this revelation is startling seeing as Hollywood is imploding right now. No one would've expected the ones controlling the Bitcoin price would be the creators of the Dune movies.

Indisputable evidence of Dune creators controlling Bitcoin price

Dune announcement or releases have coincided with the every Bitcoin Top since 2018, making this most recent release rather alarming. The release of the new Dune movie could prolong the current bear market that will feel just like the Harkonnen swooping down to destroy House Atreides on Arakkis.

But some are pointing out that the story could run much deeper than movie producers controlling the Bitcoin price. Could it be that there are people not associated with Hollywood, manipulating the price of Bitcoin around the time of Dune's release in order to prevent Bitcoiners from seeing the truth presented in the movie, and the parallels to today.

A stunning graphic showing the similarities between Dune and the modern day world

Dune is a tail of underdog resistance against an expansive space empire, but it is also a tale of imperial colonialism. Spice in the movies has a lot of similarities to modern day computer chips, which are the equivalent to our societies sacred hallucinogens. Spice allows for space travel in Dune, and the computer chips made in Taiwan allow for our modern life. Computer chips, made in Taiwan are what secure the Bitcoin network, and of course the shadowy Imperium would want to control it.

A competing theory to the idea that the Dune producers control Bitcoin is that someone is trying to suppress the price around when Bitcoin comes out to prevent people from seeing the truth. Normal people have a tendency to avoid thinking about Bitcoin unless it's going up and they are being told by the media and fiat influencers like Dave Portnoy, to think about it.

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