FBI Issues Public Apology To Aubrey Strobel Over Hidden Cameras In Her Air BNB

FBI Issues Public Apology To Aubrey Strobel Over Hidden Cameras In Her Air BNB

Warning: This story reads like a spy novel

On Tuesday night, Aubrey Strobel, and Meltem Demirors checked into their Air BNB only to find poorly disguised cameras scattered through the private areas of the house. The two women carefully investigated the cameras to ensure they were not mistaken, and then began researching the legality of such a thing. They ended up finding that it is a felony to secretly record individuals in this manner.

At a loss or what to do, they called David Bailey to ask for advice. He instantly informed them this was a great way to garner Twitter engagement and to immediately post about it. He then sent over an anonymous shadowy super coder to be able to trace where the cameras were broadcasting to. The camera were connected to a server whose ip address was in Langley Virginia.

Later that evening, FBI servers were compromised by a hacker that may be associated with bitcoin. The hacker reportedly threatened to release the documents unless the FBI makes a public apology and sends 100 bitcoin to a wallet address. The FBI was likely playing damage control as their agents working at Twitter gave the post a community warning.

The files on the server must have been incredibly sensitive because FBI Director Christopher Wray issued a public apology to the two women in a press conference. He said, “This is not representative of the entire FBI and has been done by a set of rogue agents. These agents will be held accountable. Honestly, they should have hid the cameras better and have brought shame on the agency.”

This entire saga has been one of the strangest things to watch play out. It is not everyday that a hacker extorts one of the most powerful intelligence agencies, or that an intelligence agency actually policies for wrong doing. The spying on two incredibly successful Bitcoin egirls bring into spotlight how intelligence agencies are being weaponized against Bitcoiners.

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