Fiat Maximalists Cope As Atlas Shrugged Prophesies Come True

Fiat Maximalists Cope As Atlas Shrugged Prophesies Come True

There is a strange phenomenon happening that seems to have originated with Tucker Carlson, where statist fiat maximalists are suggesting that United States is under attack from outside forces, when in reality Atlas Shrugged prophesies are coming true.

In this case, Sue does not know best

Complete incompetence is being deemed malice by the CIA talking heads, in order to try and prevent the real news about Atlas Shrugged prophesies coming true. The 1957 novel written by Ayn Rand predicts the collapse of the United States, starting with it's critical infrastructure, as a result of policies in Washington DC.

A group of individuals has formed the "Temple of Galt" in order to help educate individuals on the book's prophesies. They have set up shop in Mexico, just south of the Texas border in order to broadcast the good news of Rand over the radio back into the US after it becomes illegal and the US government begins restricting travel of its citizen prisoners.

The group claims that Dennis Porter is the modern day Wesley Mouch from the book, helping to work in order to make the system more complicated and unworkable for builders.

The blaming of major failures in industry on cyber attacks and other intentional sabotage by outside forces is a great tactic to call for more centralization of power into the hands of the people creating policies that actually cause the failures in industry. Maybe if the looters were cut out of the economy, many of the catastrophes would begin ceasing as the world's minds would be incentivized to actually build instead of being punished for it.

The Temple of Galt is calling for more major industrial disasters as well as more centralized government control over economies. They are predicting that in the end, all the great minds will flea into the mountains of the central US, allowing their businesses to fall apart until the world economy comes to a complete halt.

Is there a reality that all the infrastructure falling apart is not the responsibility of outside forces trying to attack the United States, but is instead the result of the looters and people too weak to stop them?

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