Greg Abbott To Arm TX Militias with 3D Printed FGC-9

Greg Abbott To Arm TX Militias with 3D Printed FGC-9

Texas governor Greg Abbott announced in a press conference on Wednesday, while wearing a Hawaiian T-shirt under a bullet proof vest, that he would be arming local Texas militias with FGC-9's and providing Ender 3D printers to over 1 million households across the state. "Our great state is under invasion right now, and it is imperative that our population is sufficiently armed in order to protect ourselves," the governor said during the press conference. Abbott called on people familiar with the 3d printing to come to Texas and help educate community leaders on how to do basic things like level their printer beds. This news follows Abbott legalizing the private ownership of armed F16's last week.

The governor has allegedly hired Jake Hanrahan from Popular Front to fly across the world in order to document what is happening in Texas. While these rumors are unconfirmed, there is a picture circulating on Twitter of Hanrahan filling up the gas tank of a rental car at a Buccees in Houston, apparently on his way to Austin.

The back story to why Abbott chose the FGC-9 seems to have started over a month ago when Cody Wilson was seen leaving Abbott's residence. The governor was reportedly inspired by the story and bravery of one of the biggest contributors to the FGC-9, J-Stark who Abbott referred to as a "Real Texan in heart." Other states, such as Oklahoma, have joined Texas in arming the local population with 3d printers and 3d printed firearms, essentially rendering the ATF powerless.

YouTube channels like Print Shoot Repeat have exploded in popularity as individuals are scrambling to try and figure out how to use their Ender 3's and what the possibilities are. So many individuals flocked to Ivan the Troll's website that it has been down for over 12 hours.

Many are speculating on what the ramifications of such a provocative move by the Texas governor will be, but the short term ramifications seem to be that individuals are growing more empowered and the ATF is being rendered useless in regards to controlling people's moral ownership of firearms.

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