Texas Legalizes Private Ownership of F16's To Spite Biden Administration

Texas Legalizes Private Ownership of F16's To Spite Biden Administration

The Texas congress has voted to approve a bill that allows for private individuals to own fully armed F16's to spite Joe Biden who has been telling Americans that resistance is futile with their puny AR15's. The bill titled, "The Tree of Liberty is Thirsty Bill," has gone to Governor Greg Abbott's desk where it's expected to be signed into law. The bill allows for private citizens to own and operate fully armed military air craft in the lone star state, as well as other military aircraft. It is rumored that Joe Rogan has already ordered one, though the salvo included in his order is unknown at this time. Federal law enforcement is obviously upset at the idea of individuals having such advanced weapons, somewhat breaking the federal government's monopoly on violence. To address this the bill outlines a way for Texas law enforcement to disrupt agencies attempts to interfere in the legal ownership and operation of the advanced military aircraft.


The bill outlines a path for Texas law enforcement to begin protecting citizens rights instead of abusing them. Some are concerned that Texas state law enforcement will be overwhelmed with the task of preventing federal agencies from molesting Texas citizens, which could turn into a civil war. Many are hoping that the feds will avoid fighting with Texas, and will shift their focus onto the border crisis instead of persecuting American citizens for having armed fighter planes.

Greg Abbott was invited onto CNN to discuss the bill. Anderson Cooper informed Abbott that if he signed this bill into law, there would be another 9/11. Abbott responded by asking Cooper, "Is that a threat?" The corporate owned media has been waging an all out war on the Texas legislature for supporting this bill. The FBI staged a protest in front of the Texas Capital building in Austin, full of the usual blue hairs. The protest got so out of control that the Texas national guard was called in to stabilize the situation. It would appear that the feds strong reaction to this proves that there is nothing more dangerous to government than individuals having the ability to protect themselves from government.

This whole situation brings up the age old question of how much control the feds should have versus local state government. Regardless, the feds should be grateful because Texas is allowing for them to identify how large the market is for people to buy advanced military equipment. This will be incredibly important information for them to understand once they have to put their assets up for auction due to insolvency.

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