Greg Foss Headlines Women In Bitcoin Conference, Condemns Bitcoin Magazine

Greg Foss Headlines Women In Bitcoin Conference, Condemns Bitcoin Magazine

After a turbulent couple days, Greg Foss has announced that his experience as the headline speaker at the, "Women In Bitcoin Conference" was much better than the Bitcoin Magazine Conference. Foss mainsplained Bitcoin to a room of women, and single guys looking for a date, last week in Miami. "I identify more with women than men, so it was a great opportunity to explain the basics of Bitcoin to them. I just hate how Bitcoin magazine both fails to support women in Bitcoin, but also gives Udi a platform," he said on a Twitter space.

Following the Bitcoin Magazine conference, Foss has had a falling out with conference organizers over comments he made on Twitter disparaging the conference. David Bailey challenged Foss to locker box, which is a popular Canadian activity where individuals box with hockey gloves and helmets in a locker room, to settle any disputes. Foss has yet to publicly respond to Bailey's challenge.

Foss took to twitter to announce that he would be launching his own "Women in Bitcoin Conference" with Craig Shipp in order to try and rival Bitcoin Magazine's conference. "We are going to have a Bitcoin only, women mostly conference that will blow the socks off those Bitcoin magazine hosers," he said. "They want to have giant circle jerks with wizards on stage, and I want what's best for our children. This isn't a game."

Bitcoin Twitter erupted over the news that there would be yet another conference, and that Foss would be partnering with Shipp to launch it. Famous baker and female Bitcoiner advocate, Mandrik commented on the news saying, "Based on all other Bitcoin conferences, I highly doubt there will actually be a mostly women attended conference." Progressive Bitcoiner's loudly criticized Foss for his focus on holding a conference on gender, saying that it's rather binary and uninclusive.

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