Peter McCormack Outed as Having Royal Bloodline by Rival Football Club

Peter McCormack Outed as Having Royal Bloodline by Rival Football Club
King Peter in all of his glory.

Oi, ‘ave you ‘eard the news? Peter McCormack, the Bitcoin podcaster and influencer from Bedford, ‘as been outed as a bloomin’ royal! That’s right, members of rival football club Elstow Abbey did some digging efore the upcoming match, and found that McCormack comes from the lineage of King Offa of Mercia! Can you Adam and Eve it?

According to genealogist and Elstow Abbey fan Andrew Sothersby, he found birth records in multiple churches in both Goldington and Kingsbrook that show McCormack is directly descended from royalty. This ‘as thrown the support of the Bitcoin community into disarray, as being of royal lineage is seen as being too ‘fiat’ and not true to the Bitcoin cause.

Danny Knowles, podcast producer for What Bitcoin Did, said he was shocked by the revelation. "We always knew Peter was a bit of a geezer, but we never thought he was part of the damn royal family. It was probably his ancestors who sent my ancestors to Australia in the first place! What a knob.”

Sponsors of What Bitcoin Did are also said to be reviewing their association with McCormack following the revelation. "We’re not sure we want to be associated with someone who comes from such a fiat background,” said a spokesperson for one of the unnamed sponsors. "It’s just not true to the spirit of Bitcoin. We really liked his accent at first, but now, knowing he's basically a king , we can't stand it."

McCormack himself 'as said very little about 'is lineage in the past, except to say that he comes from Bedford and loves the town. Now we know why! He has not responded to requests for comment on the recent revelation, however, his recent purchase of a local bar supports the belief that he is attempting to rebuild the Offa land trust.

The Bitcoin community is known for its distrust of traditional financial institutions and those associated with them. Being of royal lineage is too closely tied to traditional, centralized financial systems. So, it’s no surprise that McCormack’s revelation 'as angered many in a' community, who now see him as a mercenary of King Offa of Mercia.

A Bedford building that probably belongs to King Peter

Some Bitcoiners are taking a more measured approach. "At the end of the day, it doesn't matter where you come from,” said one Bitcoin enthusiast. "What matters is what you do with your life. If Peter McCormack is doing good things for Bitcoin, then that's all that really matters. He had no control over who gave birth to him--we can't fault him for that."

However, many Bitcoiners are still calling for McCormack to come clean about his lineage and explain himself. They believe that he has lied his way into the Bitcoin world and is not to be trusted.

Upon publishing his findings, Sothersby commented, "We really threw a spanner in the works, eh? Me and the rest of the Elstow boys are just chuffed to bits about the findings. We've yet to see how King Peter responds--Hopefully he'll throw a wobbly and we'll have a good laugh when we spank Real Bedford at the upcoming match."

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