Richard Greaser's Guide To Being a Libertarian Bitcoiner

Richard Greaser's Guide To Being a Libertarian Bitcoiner

Libertarian Bitcoiner: An individual who has read more Mises and Rothbard than is responsible. They believe in the abolition of the Federal Reserve through competing currencies. The only way to eliminate or minimize government is through the political process.

Being a libertarian is tough, but being a libertarian bitcoiner is even harder. You will always be the contrarian thinker in a room full of people. It can be lonely. Even when in a room of other libertarians, you still stand out from the crowd as you listen to them drone on about how they don't understand Bitcoin and prefer gold. Libertarianism is a fringe philosophy and adding Bitcoin to the mix makes you the fringe of the fringe.

The cornerstone of being a libertarian bitcoiner is doing a lot of talking about things with minimal productive action. You must have read everything and thought everything through. The time Guy Swann went on Dave Smith's podcast cured your erectile dysfunction. Here is Richard Greaser's guide to being a Libertarian Bitcoiner.

  1. Remember you will be a lot richer than the gold bugs
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Listening to revisionist economic theory about how gold is superior to fiat gets really old. Listening to some boomer who has read less Mises than you, describe how and why Bitcoin won't work, even though they haven't ever used it, gets old. It's important to emotionally detach from the situation and think about how rich you will be as the world enters hyperbitcoinization. On top of that, remember how the boomer gold bug won't be. Eternal glory awaits. You will have your day.

2. Start a below average podcast

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There seems to be a competition between Bitcoiners and libertarians to see who will have the highest volume of below average podcasts. If you are a podcaster in either space, you are considered royalty. All you have to do on the podcast is quote Mises, Rothbard, and Saifedean Ammous to sound really smart. If you stick with it long enough, even you may be invited to appear on Dave Smith's podcast to listen to him talk over you. The path to speaking at the Libertarian Party Convention, or the Bitcoin magazine conference, begins with starting a podcast.

3. Educate boomers on privacy and Bitcoin

These guys don't even know how to use their phones but they still should understand that Graphene is a suitable solution for them to be able to experience privacy in a digital surveillance grid we find ourselves. Explain to them the nuances of collective spends and non KYC corn. They will never use the knowledge you impart on them, but still they need to hear a few dozen lectures from you.

4. You have to vote, but only vote for candidates who will lose

You have been inducted into your local libertarian party as a Precinct Committee Man. It is your job to rally the fringe group of goofballs in your precinct to sign petitions to get a candidate that will lose on the ballet. There will be much complaining about the Republicans making ballet access harder, but you still feel determined. Who knows, you may be asked by the party to run for office yourself so you can also lose. The hope though is that you can spread the message of liberty on the campaign trail. Who knows, you make it to the Superbowl (Debate stage) like Shane Hazel did in Georgia. It's okay to know you will never win, nor the people you vote for. It's about running a political party that gets zero attention to promote a message that government is bad.

5. Read Mises and Rothbard until you are blue in the face

The only people capable of reading books these days are libertarians. You must read Rothbards "History of Money and Banking in the United States" at least four times a year. You should read to the point where it's unbearable. It is vital to recite Robard and Mises at least four times on your less than average Bitcoin podcast. You are a scholar and an aspiring economist. Read lots of Hape

6. Criticize libertarians for not being libertarian enough

The prags are... you know. Thank god for the Mises Caucas for coming in and kicking those losers out. But even still, the Mises Caucas is hardly libertarian enough themselves. Most of them likely aren't even involved in their local party. Some of them might not even vote. There was one who was a delegate at Reno who had never even heard of Anatomy of the State or even Lysander Spooner. Most people who claim to be libertarians these days are just disaffected Republicans who are upset about January 6th. These libertarians are defnitely not libertarian enough.  

7. Go to Porc Fest to argue with shitcoiners

You may not yet be a part of the Free State movement, but you still can go to New Hampshire to experience Porc Fest. This is your true battleground. The libertarian community cannot be infected by shitcoiners. You will have the opportunity to sit at a table outside the main stage and argue with some Bcash developer on a Tone Vays livestream. Patrick Motorist will most definitely be there at your side assisting you on crusade.

8. Drink Raw Milk

The state hates you. You hate the state. Not only is raw milk good for you, but doing something illegal that is so mundane, is exhilarating. Being a good bitcoiner, you have convinced your local farmers market vendor to accept satoshis via a custodial lightning wallet. You are rejecting state power, while supporting the free market (black market) economy. It is a bold display of agorist counter economics. John Galt would be proud of you.

9. Follow the Libertarian Tweet calendar for max engagement

Do you know the anniversary of Ruby Ridge and Waco? What days should you troll the ATF vs the FBI vs the CIA? You have one day a year to flood twitter with memes about building 7. Do not worry, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire has come out with a calendar to keep you up to date with all the relevant libertarian events to tweet about.

10. Just do you but with a Ron Paul Shirt on

Libertarianism is about being yourself unapologetically but also worshipping people who criticized the world accurately, but had little impact in regards to lasting change. You have a mind for yourself and hate all the collectivist bullshit thrusted onto you by society. Why bother accepting other people's labels. You are like Howard Roark, blazing a trail that only a great man can. You are well on your way. You do all this while wearing a Ron Paul shirt and promoting the ideas of financial independence from the fiat system.


You choose to become a libertarian bitcoiner, not because it's easy but because it's hard and lonely. You are an individual with great resolve and intellect and it shows from all your podcast episodes. Despite Guy Swann curing your erectile dysfunction, it is likely you will never find a girlfriend due to the fact you are afflicted with terminal uniqueness. That may change with people adoption the Orange Pill Apps new dating service called Hasher. The road that lies ahead is hard. There will always be more classics to consume like Albert Jay Nock, but you can sit tight knowing you've read more than the average libertarian or bitcoiner. You are well on your way.  

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