Orange Pill App Launches Tinder Competitor Called Hasher

Orange Pill App Launches Tinder Competitor Called Hasher
Photo by Yogas Design / Unsplash

As soon as the Orange Pill App launched, users began demanding that the app incorporate features to help members of the Bitcoin ecosystem date each other. "Bitcoin Twitter just hasn't worked out as a dating platform for me," said host of Between Two ASICs, Channing Tatum. "I'm 6/4, have a fork lift certification and I don't know why it's so hard for me to find a date. I hope this app helps me."

Orange Pill posted on Twitter saying, "Today is a huge step forwards for hyperbitcoinization. Hasher is now the premiere dating app for Bitcoiners. Use our dating service to weed out the shitcoiners and no coiners." As a result of the news of the release, the app quickly catapulted to the top of the rankings on Apple's app store.

Prior to the release of the dating feature, many in the Bitcoin community questioned what the point of the app was. "I already was a part of a meetup and am on Bitcoin Twitter. Not sure why I would pay to use an app to talk to the people I already talk to on Telegram and Twitter," said Big Sean Harris. "I guess the selling point was that my favorite Bitcoin podcasters were being sponsored by them and told me to use it," said an anonymous twitter user.

Hasher seeks to set itself apart from Tinder in a few ways. First off, it is Bitcoin themed and you have to pay to use it's most basic features. Secondly, Natalie Brunell is an advisor for the app, and will be incorporating parts of her dating course. This seems to show that the app developers have a long term vision and low time preference. Apps like Tinder focus only on hookups whereas Orange Pill App focuses on creating sustainable and long term relationships.

Features are being developed for people to use the app for relationship coaching. BTC Sessions will be one of the relationship coaches, focusing specifically on Kuma Sutra. The app seeks to totally change the world of dating as Bitcoiner's preferences are very different than others. It is rumored that vegans are banned from using the app.

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