How to Identify the Correct Hill to Die On

How to Identify the Correct Hill to Die On

We all have that theoretical hill that we say we will die on, seeing as you are still alive and have not yet made the ultimate sacrifice on top a hill. Many of us feel the call to plant our flags and make our stand as the encroachment of regulators, shitcoiners, spooks, politicians, and other less than unsavory characters begin trying to step your toes. With a cry like Jack Mallers on a conference stage, our soul screams, "This is too much. I will die on this hill." Yet others plead with you, "This is not the hill to die on. That hill is just around the corner. Suck this one up."

The reality of knowing which hills to die on is really difficult. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as bandwagoning onto whatever Matt Odell or Marty Bent is upset about. Sometimes they just don't see the hills that are important to you. Other times, it is possible they are picking the wrong hills. What if Marty says die on this hill, but Dennis says it's not the hill to die on? Do you just flip a coin on which one to die on? It can get so confusing.

It may be time to accept that with Bitcoin's success, we have entered a reality where the disruptive monetary network is no longer quietly ignored by the bad people. Bitcoin has caught the attention of the psyop industrial complex, meaning every intelligence agency is currently trying to mess with your emotions, but also the emotions of your favorite podcaster. They want you to die on the wrong hills in order for you to waste your energy, lose your sense of happiness, and turn into a grumpy Bitcoiner who quits Twitter and no longer goes to conferences.

We are watching people die on hills left and right. Some are against stablecoins, pointing out the point of Bitcoin is to no longer need fiat currencies. Some are for stablecoins, suggesting that the global south needs to be banked (onboarded to dollarized CBDC's) and how this somehow furthering Bitcoin. Others are suggesting that the point of Bitcoin is inefficient data storage, and we need to take scaling solutions more seriously. At the end of the day, this freedom money thing is cool, but daddy Saylor pump muh bags.

Trying to choose your hill is getting so out of control that British Hodl is offering a paid course on identifying the correct hill. The reality though is that you don't need to podcasters, traders, or anyone else to pick your hills for you. The right hill will appear if you follow your heart. You are an individual with dignity (Unless you are a government employee or shitcoiner mistakenly reading this), and if you believe in yourself, the path will appear before you feet. But I mean seriously, it is hard to figure out which are the correct hills. You do not have to weather this road on your own. We will see you as we trudge the road to happy hill dying.

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