Humanity Evolves As More People Go Analogue And Leave The Internet

Humanity Evolves As More People Go Analogue And Leave The Internet

Humanity is continuing to evolve as more and more people are reading Ted Kaczynski's manifesto, "Industrial Society and its Future." The general theme of the manifesto is that industrialization of society is actually leading a to devolution of humanity and that technology is being used to enslave humanity. More and more individuals are dropping off the grid, trading in their cell phones, internet connected cars, and even smart vacuum's in exchange for a cabin in the woods. When surveillance of individual's daily lives could not get any worse, there is a small minority of individuals going back to an analogue lifestyle, finding themselves generally happier. The growing community of individuals in this community is being called, "Unpluggers."

"It's almost like I couldn't be happy until I unplugged from all the CIA psyops," One unplugger told the Bugle. What is springing up is a renaissance of individuals using type writers, smoking pipe tobacco, and reading physical books. Couples are enjoying time together instead of sitting and mindlessly watching the television, or being consumed with distraction. "I get really horny listening to my husband pluck away at his type writer," said Megan Topkin, an unplugger in rural Washington who has corresponded with the Bugle by mail. "Our life has gotten so much better since we unplugged, and were no longer subjected to all the psyops. We still use technology from time to time, but it's very limited. Fortunately, you can leave Bitcoin in cold storage and not really worry about it. We're so grateful for Uncle Ted's work which inspired us to live this lifestyle."

The unplugger network is seeking to reclaim dignity. One couple in Minnesota rage quit the internet and pulled their children out of public school after they found their 12 year old daughter was twerking on Tik Tok. "There's nothing more disgusting than knowing the feds are watching my underage daughter twerk, all the while they are protecting Epstein's client list," the father wrote the Bugle. "That was just too much for me and my wife. We had to unplug." 90% of unpluggers found that within the first 2 months of unplugging, after withdrawals subsided from their favorite social media platforms, any struggles with mental health issues were resolved. Children with anxiety appeared to be cured when they were no longer sent to public school, or allowed to play video games and surf the internet. It's almost like playing outside and contributing to household chores was what kids were naturally meant to do growing up.

While many in this movement are seeing massive benefits of moderating or eliminating use of technology in their lives, politicians are not convinced. Nikki Haley, a presidential candidate and war monger, suggested that the movement should be outlawed. "It should be illegal to not have the NSA follow your every single movement. You need to be on Twitter with your personal identification attached to it so we can surveil your every move and influence your behavior accordingly," She said in a campaign speech. Many individuals from various intelligence agencies echoed her sentiment.

Going analogue and interacting with real people, limiting the way your experience on the internet influences your world view, is allowing individuals to form their own opinions based on their organic experiences, instead of being curated controlled information. Widespread issues such as general anxiety and gender dysphoria appear to be near nonexistent in the unplugger community. While not everything is perfect, it is interesting to see humanity get back to its roots and live a more traditional lifestyle. It would seem that humanity is evolving by moving backwards in regards to technology.

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