Iggy Azalea Becomes Top Crypto Influencer After Entering Crypto Influencer Market

Iggy Azalea Becomes Top Crypto Influencer After Entering Crypto Influencer Market

The world of female crypto influencers is in complete turmoil as Iggy Azalea has entered the arena, sending the power rankings into complete disorder. Marketing companies are reportedly reevaluating all current contracts, making many OG crypto influencers nervous.

Memecoins are in the process of radically changing influencer monetization strategies, quickly replacing merchandise sales, as people prefer to buy tokens to speculate over tshirts. While many titans of the crypto influencing industry such as Aubrey Strobel, Hailey Lennon, CryptoFinally, CryptoWendy, and more have had lucrative influencing careers thus far, titans from the AI produced music industry could challenge their ability to operate in the industry.

What we are seeing is similar to if Regina George was kicked out of the Mean Girls clique by Lady Gaga. "The universe as we know it has shifted, and we do not know if it's for the better or not yet. We have not seen a shift as radical since Satoshi released the white paper for the first time," Lennon told the Bugle.

The influencer power rankings matter tremendously because they are used to determine what podcasts, parties, sponsorships, and conference speaking slots they are allowed to participate in. It operates almost like a influencer specific social credit score, or clout score.

Some of the influencers are concerned that they will not be able to compete with Azalea. @CryptoFinally told the Bugle that, "I'm just not sure I have the bass to keep up with her. She's intimidating, but my fear is that she is only the start."

Edit: Following this article's publication, Optimist Fields, another notable crypto egirl responded by saying, “Everyone says Bitcoin needs more women, but I say Bitcoin needs less e-girls. Only enough room for one - me”

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