Bitcoin 2024 Announces Influencer Auction Night

Bitcoin 2024 Announces Influencer Auction Night

The Bitcoin Magazine Conference has announced that they will be featuring an "influencer auction house" at their upcoming conference in Nashville. The purpose of the auction house is for influencers to maximize their potential earnings by having Bitcoin companies compete to be the highest bidder in order to purchase their influencing services. Many are likening the auction house the NFL or NBA draft, yet many critics are concerned that in many ways it resembles slave markets. David Bailey expressed his confidence that the auction house will significantly boost ticket sales as the only way for individuals to participate will be in person. The general admission ticket losers will not be able to witness the spectacle, as it will be happening behind closed doors and only Whale ticket buyers will have access to it.

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There has been a lot of speculation around which influencers would participate in the event, as well as what their purchase price would be. Some are concerned that the event would be exploited by Swan to go in and buy every single influencer at once. Following Bitcoin Magazine's announcement, Cory announced another $170 million seed round. Cory denied claims of attempting to buy "all" the influencers as the event will not be exclusive to only Bitcoin only influencers, as many shitcoin influencers such as Ben Armstrong, Cryptofinally, Zach Voell, Will Foxley and others will be participating. David Bailey pushed back on concerns of influencer centralization by saying that having an auction house will actually give Swan much more competition in regards to collecting influencers. This could be seen by Nico's resignation this week in preparation for the clearing house.

Influencer contracts will be done in the form as ordinals subscriptions in order to help bolster Bitcoin Magazine's struggling attempted entrance into the Ordinal market. Some are questioning whether David Bailey is using Bitcoin Magazine in an attempt to pump Ordinals once again to also pump his own personal bags.

Many individuals have speculated how much individuals would be willing to sell their names for. One individual on Twitter commented on the announcement saying that, "Dennis Porter would sell his influence for a pack of Oreos and a ref link." Whether that is true or not is yet to be seen, but some are predicting that the minimum purchase of someone's influence will be around $500 and a ref code. We look forward to seeing the results of the influencer auction house.

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