IRS Opens Investigation In Volodymyr Zelenskyy For Tax Evasion

IRS Opens Investigation In Volodymyr Zelenskyy For Tax Evasion

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president and international wartime influencer, has been reportedly been under scrutiny by the IRS for tax evasion. With Ukraine being a vassal state of the US since 2014, when the CIA conducted routine election interference, there has been an expectation of government officials to provide proper documentation of spending to the IRS.

Since the obviously unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, US military and financial aid to the country has exploded. The American government, in all their wisdom has determined that funding the war in Ukraine has taken precedence over spending tax dollars on domestic issues. While Ukraine's relatively new status as a vassal state of the United State gives them exceptional privileges, they still lack the privileges of being considered a US state, despite attempts to make it one in the past.

Republican lawmakers blocked bids for Ukraine to become the 51st state of the US, citing that the democrats would be able to shift the carefully constructed balance of power between different factions of the uniparty by getting more members of congress. Washington DC has also been blocked from getting official status as a state for similar reasons.

What has resulted is a murky relationship between the IRS, and one of America's "closest friends." Social media has been ablaze with allegations that the transparently corrupt country has been misappropriating US aid, as journalists document what happens when the CIA is given full control over a country. Members of the IRS are reportedly shocked at the levels of noncompliance within the Ukrainian government, starting at the top with the president who's wife is rumored to have just bought a multi million dollar supercar.

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While the rumors are unsubstantiated, the belief that the president is embezzling money and living life in luxury while sending all the country's men to die on the front lines seems to be a reality in the minds of many. What upsets most is that the president has been reportedly hogging all the cocaine to himself, failing to share with the Ukrainian people, or even his advisors.

Where the IRS investigation will go is unknown, and many political commentators are suggesting that it will likely be shut down for national security reasons. Lindsay Graham, Nancy Pelosi, and Sean Hannity have all jumped to the president's defense, arguing that his embezzlement is necessary in order to win the war.

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