Jails Around The Country To Release Pedos To Make Room For Amish Milk Sellers

Jails Around The Country To Release Pedos To Make Room For Amish Milk Sellers

The US Department of Agriculture is launching a new war on raw milk, targeting Amish farmers around the United States. The government agency is throwing it's hat in the ring to be the new premier agency to fill prisons around the country, as the War on Drugs continues to wind down. They are facing steep competition with the ATF who is also looking to fill the void by going after gun owners. Both agencies are facing a tough battle to fill US prisons as both are lacking a clear way to work with the FBI and CIA to manufacture prosecutions. In the war on drugs, the CIA made it really easy for the DEA and other enforcement agencies to fill prisons by providing the illegal contraband to indviduals by smuggling it into the country.

The Amish community has been a major stain in the reputation of the US federal government. Not only have they successfully established a tax exempt status for themselves, but they also have continuously disregarded immoral laws. The Amish people have been labeled on of the most threatening groups to agenda 2030 by the World Economic Forum, seeing as there is nothing more disruptive to the system than peaceful individuals partaking in free market economics outside of strict government controls.

While the three letter agencies start a new war against peaceful people, they plan on making room in prison for the Amish milk men by releasing pedophiles, and continuing to not prosecute various crimes such as shop lifting. This policy seems to be in line with the way they have protected high profile pedophiles connected with Jeffery Epstein, while targeting the American people. The three letter agencies have a shifting attitude towards "minor attracted individuals" as their overlords are being outed more and more. Instead of prosecuting people under the law equally for abuses against children, they instead are running a sophisticated psychological operation to try and change the American public's opinions on the matter.

Fortunately the psyop is failing miserably as a good portion of Americans, while demoralized and stunted due to public education, still have a working mind that can discern that this is a step too far for the intelligence agencies. Despite desperate attempts to control information channels such as creating fear by publicly crucifying Jullian Assange, individuals are finding ways to reject horrible people and narratives. Fortunately we all know how the new war on raw milk will go.

Raw milk will win.

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