Janet Yellen Declares Growing Poverty As Transitory, Tells America To HFSP For Now

Janet Yellen Declares Growing Poverty As Transitory, Tells America To HFSP For Now
Photo by John Moeses Bauan / Unsplash

As Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's sabbatical from getting paid enormous amounts of money for lackluster speaking events continues, she held a press conference to discuss the US economy. "Things are looking bright. Bidenomics are a smashing success, and all of America is getting poor! But the good news is this poverty we're seeing is only transitory. Buckle up and have fun staying poor for now. Things will get better though."

Individuals have been hit hard with rising costs of just about everything, despite inflation rates reportedly slowing down according to government numbers. Max Shaft's Neighbor in Salt Lake City, Utah has even resorted to killing and eating stray cats in his neighborhood in order to feed his family.

The Bitcoin ecosystem erupted in anger at being told by Yellen to have fun staying poor. Pierre Rochard responded by tweeting, "Yellen has an unresponsively large amount of chairs, and she's telling us to have fun staying poor?"

Yellen's remarks come on the cusp of Oliver Anthony's song "Rich Men North of Richmond" which decries individuals like Yellen for making economic decisions that decimate normal people. It appears that her current comments seem to signify that she is embracing her role as one of these rich individuals living north of Richmond, Virginia.

Despite economic chaos, her press conference seemed to signify that things will somehow get better economically, though she did not have any concrete examples of how that will happen.

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