Japanese Companies Scramble To Hire American PODCONF Influencers As Currency Implodes

Japanese Companies Scramble To Hire American PODCONF Influencers As Currency Implodes
Photo by Jezael Melgoza / Unsplash

While Japan is currently going through a severe sovereign debt and currency crises, one company has found a solution. Metaplanet, formally a real estate investment firm has pivoted to focusing on Bitcoin, hiring famed podcast and conference speaker, Dylan Leclair to help oversee their Bitcoin strategy. The firm cited the reason for doing this as, "We listened to too many Bitcoin podcasts and got orange pilled. Now there is no turning back."

The publicly traded company appears to be looking for a strategy to both wade through the tough economic times, but also to boost the stock price of a not very exciting business. PODCONF has been scouting many zombie companies in Japan in order to help them follow the Microstrategy playbook.

A source within the company told the Bugle that the firm hired Leclair to help educate company executives on Bitcoin. Leclair reportedly handed out copies of The Bitcoin Standard, as well as instructed all executives to watch Michael Saylor and Robert Breedlove's infamous podcast series.

While Metaplanet is a first mover, companies like Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Honda are reportedly also eyeing the move. What is likely to be revealed in the near future is that the circulating supply of effective Bitcoin influencers to hire in order to pump the stock price and communicate to American investors, while the company buys Bitcoin instead of focusing on their core products and services, will dry up.

As the market for NGU continues to look bullish, the demand for influencers is outpacing the ability for new influencers to come to market. People only have so much attention they can give podcasters and Twitter microbloggers, meaning the market is effectively capped to a two day conference schedule.

Metaplanet, an extremely small firm compared to the likes of Toyota, seems to have scored by hiring such a heavy weight like Dylan Leclair. Many individuals in the community are concerned that larger firms may make mistakes by hiring crypto agnostic influencers, and or influencers that claim to be Bitcoiners but do not understand the market such as Dave Portnoy or British Hodl.

It would seem that now is the time more than ever for influencers to market their products and services to the Japanese markets.

The Bugle will continue to update our readers on these developing market trends.

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