Jason Lowery Compares Bitcoin To Violence, Dogecoin to Peace. Is Endorsed By Elon Musk

Jason Lowery Compares Bitcoin To Violence, Dogecoin to Peace. Is Endorsed By Elon Musk

Jason Lowery, a prominent scholar, author, and Private first class in the Space Marines, has compared Bitcoin to violence and Dogecoin to peace. According to Lowery, Bitcoin is a symbol of the dark side of technology, while Dogecoin represents the light side.

Lowery argues that Bitcoin is a tool that can be used for both good and bad purposes. On the one hand, it offers an alternative to traditional banking systems and can empower individuals and communities. On the other hand, it has been used for illegal activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking, and funding terrorism. Also it is one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

In contrast, Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that started as a joke but has evolved into a symbol of peace and goodwill. The Dogecoin community has been involved in various charitable causes, including donating funds to build wells in Africa and supporting animal welfare organizations.

Lowery believes that Dogecoin represents the positive aspects of technology, such as innovation, creativity, and community. It offers a way for people to connect and support each other without resorting to violence or aggression. "The entire ethos is of Dogecoin is love and peace which is why the entire defense industry is terrified of it," lowery wrote in a LinkedIn blog post.

Elon Musk retweeted the article which sent Dogecoin shooting up 20% on Saturday. His retweet started speculation that Twitter and other companies controlled by Musk will be rolling out support for Dogecoin in the near future.

The comparison between Bitcoin and Dogecoin is subjective and depends on one's perspective. While Bitcoin has its benefits and drawbacks, Dogecoin offers a more lighthearted and community-driven approach to cryptocurrency. Whether you prefer Bitcoin or Dogecoin, it's important to understand their potential impact on the world and use them responsibly.

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