Jessica Hodlr Finds Singleness Is Secret To Twitter Engagement

Jessica Hodlr Finds Singleness Is Secret To Twitter Engagement

Twitter has been ablaze with high engagement posts from Jessica Hodlr talking about her singleness and desire to find a husband. The recent change in content strategy has propelled her from mid tier, to a top tier social media influencer. Rumor has it that Katie the Russian is incredibly happy with her increase of engagement, as her own engagement sharply fell after she publicly shared her marriage.

The recent change was sparked after realizing that complaining about being shadowbanned was not cutting it. "The problem with complaining about getting shadowbanned is that when the tweet gets a good amount of engagement, it disproves that the complaint is real," said social media expert, Larry Johnson. "Twitter influencers are having to find new ways to get engagement especially after Elon now has the view count displayed under each Twitter post."

In the constantly changing social media landscape, engagement strategies are constantly changing. Posting pictures of yourself at the gym seem to be falling out of style in recent months. The algorithms instead appear to be constantly changing and promoting different styles of content so influencers need to stay on their toes.

Bitcoin Twitter conspiracy theorists have accused Jessica of secretly stacking multiple husbands during the bear market. Some have claimed that she has stacked up to 21. The claims have not been substantiated, but could be seen as plausible because of how lucrative it is to be portrayed as single on social media.

It will be interesting to see if the other 5 women on Bitcoin Twitter see Jessica's success and choose to follow in her footsteps. Some may be staging public break ups to announce their new singleness though these may be false flag operations. If anything is clear, it is that female social media incluencers on Bitcoin Twitter do not believe we need more women in Bitcoin.

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