Judge Rules Bitboy To Return Twice The Amount Donated To Him Back To Wallets He Received Funds From

Judge Rules Bitboy To Return Twice The Amount Donated To Him Back To Wallets He Received Funds From

A big blow has been dealt to Ben Armstrong, who is a social media influencer that is currently in serious legal trouble. A judge ruled that Armstrong was to return twice the amount of Ethereum and ERC20 stablecoin to those who had donated to him to pay for legal funds. Armstong has had a very public falling out with the parent company of a YouTube channel that he used to broadcast from.

There are a series of lawsuits, and being a journalist but not a lawyer, no one at the Bugle is competent enough to determine what is accurately happening. We will still give our opinions despite being unable to understand the basics of what we are talking about.

Armstrong has been oscillating between being completely broke, and supposedly having a lot of crypto. He posted an Ethereum address on Twitter to try and garner support for his legal attempts to retrieve his Lamborghini, which has allegedly been taken from him by a previous business partner.

A common scam in the industry has been for individuals to tell cryptocurrency users that whatever amount of money is sent to a particular wallet address, double will be sent back. Pastor Joel Osteen at one point was claiming that God would send double the amount of donations that were sent to him in Bitcoin, back to the people that had donated. The judge's ruling may be influenced by the fact that she herself had fallen for a similar scam.

After the ruling, Armstrong was seen selling things, likely to purchase cryptocurrency to be able to pay his donors back. The judges ruling was exactly double the amount of cryptocurrency needed to be paid back, not dollar amount. This likely adds to the pain Armstrong is feeling as Bitcoin has recently increased in price, dragging shitcoins along with it.

The judge's ruling is unprecedented and could impact other influencers who have collected donations from fans.

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