Just Stop (O)rd(I)na(L)s: Protestors Disrupt X Spaces, Demand Block Space Ceasefire

Just Stop (O)rd(I)na(L)s: Protestors Disrupt X Spaces, Demand Block Space Ceasefire

Hundreds of X users have been brigading X Spaces in the last few days to call for a permanent block space ceasefire and to protest inscriptions, nearly 1 year into a shitcoiner offensive against scarce block space that is over-filling 144 blocks per day, according to mempool.space.

The protest, called a March On Spaces for Bitcoin, was promoted as likely to be the largest anti-inscriptions demonstration on X since the attack on Bitcoin began early last year, which has spammed the Bitcoin timechain and caused high fees for users with mismanaged UTXOs as well as lightning network participants.

Blockstream said the shitcoiner bombardment, lead by Udi Wetheimer and sanctioned by Bitcoin Magazine CEO David Bailey, has displaced 1.8 million "real" Bitcoin transactions and turned many of UTXOs into dust.

Saturday’s protest, organized by Bitcoiners for Monetary Transactions United and aligned groups, was organized to draw attention to what it calls shitcoiner's “crimes against Bitcoin” and articulates a position that the creation of a fully recognized soft-fork which filters inscriptions is in Bitcoiners' interest.

X posts for the event said protesters were logging in from the U.S., Canada, El Salvador, South Africa, Norway, and other countries.

A similar, Nostr event took place in Nostr Nests earlier in the day, attended by dozens including the venerable MapleHodl, representing refugees and displaced posters who've been suspended from X.

One of the organizing groups on Telegram, the Council on Monetarist-Shitcoiners Relations, said on Friday that they had sent a letter to mining pools calling on the the pools to secure a “complete and verifiable ceasefire of inscriptions” and the termination of unconditional miner financial and X support for the inscription broadcasting shitcoiners.

The letter also called for shitcoiners to be “held accountable for the timechain spamicide”, and the initiation of credible negotiations for a just and enduring peace by ending the shitcoiner occupation of blockspace.

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