How One Bitcoin Podcaster's Yard Sign Became A Rallying Cry For Anti-Ordinals Allies

How One Bitcoin Podcaster's Yard Sign Became A Rallying Cry For Anti-Ordinals Allies

Fargo – It was a cold night in December when he first saw the sign.

Long walks in the winter darkness listening to Stephan Livera, Natalie Brunell, and Svetski were Bitcoin maximalist NorthDakotaHodl's response to high transaction fee anxiety brought about by the JPG spammers. Podcasts, both macro and culture focused, provided the backdrop as he chewed over the Udi Wertheimer's trolling tweets in his mind. So many groups of people will be vulnerable if the blockchain gets too bloated. In the coming battles to protect them, where did we start? And how could we tell who was on our side? Former laser eyed plebs and the brave miners could no longer be counted on to denounce the BRC-20s, NFTs, and other forms of inscribed spam that increasingly fill each block.

As if by magic, the answer appeared in a well-lit yard: A concisely worded statement rendered in colorful letters on a black background. “On this podcast we believe,” it began, followed by this concise summary of allyship: “A JPEG is spam. Bitcoin is money, not a database. Filtering is not censorship. Layer 1 is for buying coffee. Sats aren't real. 1 BTC = 1 BTC. Blockspace is sacred”. It just so happened to be the home of a locally famous Bitcoin Maximalist Podcaster's home.

NorthDakotaHodl had what has since emerged as the two most common reactions to the sign: A fist-pumping “fuck yeah” and “oh, I gotta take a picture of that.

Little did he know that the sign had originated thousands of miles away, earlier that month, as a collaborative effort by a group of Bitcoin podcasters whose story has become an inspiration to plebs everywhere. Nor did he suspect how viral it would go, that it would be placed in yards around the world, or that it would resonate with so many. It was seen widely at Just Stop Ordinal's protests and at Bitcoin meet-ups.

"No matter where the protest is, you can yank this out of your lawn and you're good to go," says PrivacyMaxi7, an anti-Ordinals ally.

The sign stands as one of the more provocative legacies of Ordinals era resistance. As a cypherpunk credo, it is more bold and memorable than anything the Daily X Spaces communities have come up with in years. Whether its central message survives, or collapses into a thousand more personal versions, the sign has already done a great deal of good.

Don't take it from me; take it from this trad couple who decided to buy their house because someone in the neighborhood had put it out front. The sign may be just a place to start in terms of activism, but it isn't performative maximalism. It can make a genuine difference in Bitcoiner's lives.

NorthDakotaHodl hopes anti-Ordinals Bitcoiners will continue to proudly display the sign in their front yards and in their store fronts as the battle against Ordinals wages on. "Until the will to soft-fork or censor this spam rises to a level where we can reach consensus, this is how we resist."

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