Leaked Messages Between Opti And Lagarde Show Plot To Convince Bitcoiners About CBDCs

Leaked Messages Between Opti And Lagarde Show Plot To Convince Bitcoiners About CBDCs

Simply Bitcoin co-host, Optimist Fields, who goes by Opti, is in hot water this week after being exposed communicating with Central Banker Christine Lagarde on how to convince Bitcoiners to use Central Bank Digital Currencies. In the messages, Opti referenced how if Bitcoiners believe that something will pump the price of Bitcoin, they will almost always blindly support it. He suggested potentially using Bitcoin to back the CBDC, or even launching the CBDC on top of Bitcoin and advertising it as a catalyst towards price appreciation.

The fact that Central Bankers are reaching out to our favorite Bitcoin influencers in order to gain insight on how to manipulate us is a bullish indicator for Bitcoin price. It shows that they see Bitcoin and the community using it as a threat to their plans at continued world domination.

Lagarde seems to have an increasing knowledge of Bitcoin. Earlier this year, leaked texts showed that she was acquiring KYC sats. Seeing as this is the second time her private communications were leaked this year, it's advisable for Bitcoiners to avoid communicating any sensitive information with her unless they want to be exposed.

Bitcoin Twitter is confused on how to respond to the news. There have been half hearted attempts to cancel Opti for working with the central banker, but the majority of BT seems to be in support of his attempt to pump the price. "Big number good," said one Twitter user in response to the revalations.

Whether or not the central banker will follow through with the influencers advice is unknown at this time, but it puts into question which other of your favorite influencers are secretly working with the people who are creating the issues Bitcoin solves.

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