Ledger's Software Developers to Be At Least 50% Women, Non-Binary, People Of Color By 2026

Ledger's Software Developers to Be At Least 50% Women, Non-Binary, People Of Color By 2026

Bitcoin hardware wallet developer, Ledger, is planning to train 275 new software engineers to develop its wallet software by 2026, of which at least half will be women, non-binary, and people of color.

"Just because computers are binary, doesn't mean the software engineers programming it must be."

In a statement, the Paris based company announced it will begin accepting applications for the training program for software engineers. All 275 software engineers will be guaranteed a job with Ledger, after they complete the requirements of the coding program.

The program, backed by scholarship commitments from JPMorgan Chase and Blackrock, expects to enroll 100 students in 2024. The programs's first class of 20 engineers will begin their studies in the second quarter of 2024, with the class graduating in the summer.

JPMorgan Chase has committed $250,000 to support women, non-binary, and people of color who are accepted to program.

A variety of organizations, including the Organization of Black Software Development Professionals, Sisters of Cyberspace, the Latino Coders Association and the Professional Trans IT Professionals Association, will help to select the applicants to receive the scholarships and grants funded by BlackRock and JPMorgan Chase.

In October 2023 Ledger made a commitment to open source "as much of it's [wallet software] as possible." A representative from Ledger told The Bugle it was shelving those plans, for the time being, to focus on bringing inclusion and representation to the Bitcoin wallet software space.

"Diversity brings great strength to any organization or software" Ledger told The Bugle. "Bitcoiners should feel safe, secure, and proud knowing their savings are protected not just by white guys with autism but by women, non-binary folx, and people of color who studied coding for 7 weeks in our new program. Just because computers are binary, doesn't mean software engineers must be."

Ledger also announced it was partnering with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on a program to hire people with "severe intellectual" and "psychiatric" disabilities. Details on the program are yet to be finalized but are expected to include using employees to psychiatric disabilities to promote Ledger products in X Spaces and podcasts. Ledger said, "We have been struggling to connect with Bitcoiners and potential customers on social media and the broader media space. We believe using retarded people and those with notable intellectual disabilities will help us reach those audiences more effectively."

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