Lindsay Graham Advocates For More Wars In Order To Unify America

Lindsay Graham Advocates For More Wars In Order To Unify America

"At the end of the day, committing war crimes is the glue that holds the politicians of this country together. It is one of the few things that allows us to cross the isle. There is nothing that brings media pundits together like advocating for war on false pretenses, protecting pharmaceutical companies, and covering up pedophilia by elite members of society," Senator Lindsay Graham said in a press conference where he advocated for the invasion of Iran. Senator Graham had just returned from the frontlines of the Israel/Palestine conflict, where he showed extreme bravery by shooting Palestinian civilians. Unlike other politicians who just sit safely in Washington orchestrating industrialized murder, Graham happily goes and participates in it first hand from time to time.

It is clear that the 2024 election is looking like it will be the most divisive in American history, and the American public is in desperate need of a unified goal and message. Nothing unifies the American public quite like when all the media platforms regurgitate a unified message of CIA talking points in order to promote war. Generally to get to that point, there must first be some sort of CIA orchestrated terrorist attack which then can be used as a rallying cry to unify the American public behind a desire for bloodthirsty revenge.

Graham is one of the few politicians in Washington actually looking for meaningful ways to promote unity across a divided nation. Individuals like Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy are only claiming to promote the idea of unity, while going around presenting incredibly polarizing talking points. The only way to truly unify the American public is to traumatize them with media coverage, shut down dissenting opinions, and launch a good ol fashioned war.

One of the greatest challenges to Graham's attempts to unify the country with an invasion of Iran, is all the CIA lead initiatives to break down people's sense of community and patriotism. The CIA would have to backtrack quite a bit on attacking conservative white Christians as domestic terrorists, as well as supporting woke communist ideology. Doing this would have major ripples across corporate America as Blackrock and Morgan Stanley have invested an incredible amount of money into ESG funds. Backtracking on intentionally trying to implode America in order to unify the country, would likely have the impact of imploding America as pension funds which are heavily invested in ESG funds would likely collapse, leaving millions without their expected retirements.

While Graham may have his heart in the right place, congress will likely stick to what they do best, which is harming underage children and raiding the US treasury. To change course from imploding everything intentionally would likely be far too costly.

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