Luke Dash Jr. To Become ETH Developer To Fix Protocol To Prevent Inflow Of Bad Ideas To Bitcoin

Luke Dash Jr. To Become ETH Developer To Fix Protocol To Prevent Inflow Of Bad Ideas To Bitcoin
An AI rendition of Ethereum acting as fly paper

"Ethereum is really bad, so I'm going to help Vitalik make it less bad so we have less people bringing bad ideas like spam to Bitocin," Dash Jr. shared on Twitter. "The entire Ethereum protocol is built to optimize spam, yet it does it inefficiently. By boosting efficiency on Ethereum, we will keep the spammers at bay for a least a little longer." Dash Jr. has taken the stance that the Ethereum like inscription activity happening on the Bitcoin network is spam, and should have been filtered out. What has allowed the "spam" to occur on the Bitcoin network was what Luke refers to as a "bug" allowing users to bypass spam filters previously introduced in Bitcoin Core. Luke appears to believe that the most logical solution to this issue is not only for Bitcoin miners to filter spam, but also to make Ethereum magical again so the spammers can enjoy their innovation on a platform more fitting to their world view, allowing individuals interacting with the Bitcoin network to enjoy focusing on monetary transactions.

The responses to Dash Jr. have been very interesting. In response to the news, Vitalik wrote a blog post discussing making Ethereum more cypherpunk again, forgetting that it never truly was. Udi also responded by calling Dash Jr. a "shitcoiner" and announcing to the world that he was joining the laser eye cult once again to promote the exclusive use of Bitcoin when spamming cryptocurrency networks. The Taproot Wizards website was hit by a DDOS attack, marking another legitimate use of internet bandwidth. The news has been shocking to most and many are still trying to figure out how to react to the news.

Luke's move towards helping Ethereum be less bad is reminiscent of how Ethereum acted as a playground for many individuals who wanted to implement bad ideas on Bitcoin during the Blocksize wars, but then became frustrated and rage quit as a result of Bitcoin's slow methodical development process. What he will likely do is to continue to assist in the streamlining of rolling out bad ideas on Ethereum, while also assisting in scalability, likely by transitioning the blockchain to a myBlockchain database with only a singular node to process almost infinite amounts of data in an efficient manner. While some criticize that this will centralize the project, others have pointed out that it will only be centralizing it slightly more.

It is rumored that Dash Jr. will be launching an NFT collection on Ethereum called "Spam Wizards," featuring low quality pictures that look like they were drawn by children in order to illicit the most sales value. Proceeds of the NFT collection will be directed towards Bitcoin development that does not include spamming the network. Some have argued the NFT collection will likely struggle to gain any meaningful traction as Luke will almost definitely include Bible verses hidden inside of them, as he has been accused of doing before on Bitcoin in block headers, yet some are hopeful at the ability to make a quick buck.

Many inscriptions supporters, and laser eyed podcasters are torn on how to react to the news. While Luke is going to be actively developing on Ethereum, his intentions are to attempt to protect Bitcoin from bad ideas and keep the shitcoiners occupied somewhere else, meaning he is not really a shitcoiner.

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