Makers Of Ozempic Upset With American Communists For Competing Over Marketshare For Weight Loss

Makers Of Ozempic Upset With American Communists For Competing Over Marketshare For Weight Loss

The makers of Ozempic, a popular weight loss drug which is just as a safe and effective as the Covid 19 vaccine, are reportedly upset with American Communists who are threatening their marketshare for weight loss. Communism is an ideology that promotes strict controls over the means of production, leading to shortages of food and basic necessities, causing rapid weight loss.

The United States has a massive issue with obesity, causing health officials to suggest using communism to get people's weight under control could be a viable option. This has been seen along the entire West Coast where almost no one can afford food anymore thanks to progressive Communist lite policies by the state government. Instead, people are resorting to stealing in order to feed their families.

Communists march to promote weight loss

One of the other impacts of communism is not just weight loss but population control, which threatens other pharma businesses and big agriculture, currently working to make the population infertile. Bill Gates is rumored to be the one funding various communist movements throughout the US in order to support his population control agenda.

Different politicians have taken different sides of the debate. Justin Trudeau has stated that he does not support Ozempic competing with his plans for Canadian weight control. Donald Trump on the other hand has made combatting communism in favor of Ozempic one of his major campaign focuses. Trump has historically been a big fan of pharmaceutical products.

It would seem that political movements clashing with large corporations appears to be a growing norm in the United States. Coinbase took a lot of heat from the Bitcoin community for hiring Dylan Mulvaney instead of working on lightning support.

People are finding it hard to choose between a medication that kills you, but allows you to lose weight before you die, and a political ideology that also kills you but also allows you to lose weight before you die. Ozempic has an edge because not everyone can consent to living under communism, but they can consent to taking pharma products.

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