Google Searches For "How To Get Autism" Skyrocket After Mandrik Tweet

Google Searches For "How To Get Autism" Skyrocket After Mandrik Tweet

Bitcoiners are looking for ways to get autism after Mandrik tweeted that it was the best way to survive autism. This trend shows that individuals are fed up with Bitcoin refusing to moon and make everyone rich. The tweet appears to be a rallying cry for Bitcoiners to flaunt their autistic personalities to the fullest extent.

Elizabeth Warren expressed her concern about Bitciners autism by saying, "It really looks like these Bitcoiners are willing to stay autistic longer than we can stay solvent. We really have to hurry to ban self custody before they destroy us." Her sentiment seemed to match other lawmakers concerns as Nancy Pelosi stated that she's concerned Bitcoiner autism could lead to a government insolvency.

Whether or not an adult could actually develop autism is still up in the air as there has been no research on the subject. The blurriness on the subject means a high likelihood of a new health fad entering the Bitcoin scene. Many are claiming that being associated with Triple Elite Memes gives individuals the ability to boost their symptoms.

Jim Cramer responded to the news of spikes in google searches by declaring that Bitcoin would never exceed $1m. He has been doing a tremendous service to the Bitcoin ecosystem by making bearish calls at his new job at Bitcoin magazine.

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