Marty Bent Leaves TFTC To Cohost Infowars Show With Whitney Webb

Marty Bent Leaves TFTC To Cohost Infowars Show With Whitney Webb

This story comes from a news tip given by a Bugle follower.

Viewers of Rabbit Hole Recap have noticed a growing rift over the past year between Matt Odell and Marty Bent. During episodes, Bent has a tendency to go off on tangents about how the harmful impacts of fluoride in the water, or how the FTX collapse was intentionally staged. Odell responds with frustration and tries to suppress Bent's theories on the subject.

Well it seems that the frustration has caused the two to decide to go their own ways. Bent announced on Twitter that he was leaving TFTC to pursue his dreams by working at Infowars, doing a nightly show with Whitney Webb. "I was tired of Matt trying to hold me back from exploring really interesting theories, but now I have the space to explore whatever theory I want. My interest in conspiracy theories, and Matt's Top G lifestyle just are not compatible anymore."

Dangerous Conspiracy Theorist Whitney Webb

Bent's cohost, Whitney Webb, is widely celebrated in extremist conspiracy theorist circles. She is the author of multiple books spreading dangerous misinformation on various topics such as climate change, vaccines, and the general idea that our leaders are anything but selfless individuals trying to help us. The match seems like a great fit for both individuals.

Matt Odell had some comments on the news saying, "Marty and I go way back. Since he moved to Texas, he changed though. Being in such close proximity to Alex Jones seems to have gotten into his head. I've tried to bring him back down to Earth, and assure him that Hillary Clinton is not a satanic pedophile, but he just didn't want to listen. It makes me sad that Rabbit Hole Recap is coming to an end but I think not having to deal with Marty Jones will be good for my mental health."

Twitter users erupted over the news and many long term listeners seemed split over which RHR host they supported. A phenomenon seems to be emerging, that is similar to what teenage girls did during the Twilight saga, where Bitcoin Twitter users are picking whether they are on team Matt or team Marty.

Marty went on to explain the situation saying, "The value for value podcasting model was never going to work. All of our sponsors kept on going bankrupt. I believe strongly in the Infowars model of selling supplements to keep the lights on. People have been drinking the tap water all their lives and need the tools to detox properly." These comments seemed to anger Adam Curry who responded by suggesting that the value for value podcasting model only works if you actually provide value.

Bent has floated the idea on Twitter of changing his last name to Jones as he has often been referred to Marty Jones, which is a comparison to Alex Jones, who is Infowars' founder. The two have been seen together eating and drinking on Rainey Street in Austin Texas this week. It is not yet known what Odell's next steps will be.

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