Max Keiser Arrested For Prostitution After Wild Night At El Salvador National Palace

Max Keiser Arrested For Prostitution After Wild Night At El Salvador National Palace

Breaking: The National Palace was surrounded by police last night in San Salvador, El Salvador. It is being reported that Max Keiser was arrested after he became belligerent with El Salvador President, Nayib Bukele. Keiser is rumored to have attempted to solicit payment in exchange for sexual favors from the president, and became out of control after the president denied him. At around 4am, Keiser was seen being walked to a police car in hand cuffs, shirtless, with a towel wrapped around his waste.

Keiser has been known to have acted erratically before after being denied sexual gratifcation from influential people. After Elon Musk turned him down, Keiser launched a tour around the country where he screamed about Bitcoin and how much he hated Musk for an hour on stage. The tour was welcomed with great fan fair by Bitcoin Twitter.

Keiser has been rumored to have had struggles with substance abuse, but really who doesn't these days? That's not anything to hold against him. The President of the Untied States set the bar pretty low with his repeated efforts to praise Hunter Biden. Even Dick Greaser is known sometimes to do some pretty crazy things on a bender.

Bitcoin Twitter has met the news with shock and concern for Keiser, who has had a major influence within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Many offered up their hopes and prayers for him.

Alex Gladstein on the other hand met the news with applause pointing to the fact that Bukele was a dictator and that Keiser had it coming for him.

Details on Keiser's charges and are unknown at this time. His current status as the President's paid shill is also unknown at this time. Saifedean Ammous claimed on Twitter that he had paid Keiser's bail with Bitcoin. He said, "Us government prostitutes need to stick together. Bukele usually likes it but is seems like Max let things get a little out of hand."

While Dick Greaser was attempting to write this article, Keiser proceeded to call Greaser a scammer on Twitter, which suggests that he currently has his phone and may no longer be in jail.

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