Michael Saylor Arrested for Actually Destroying Models

Michael Saylor Arrested for Actually Destroying Models

In a shocking turn of events,Michael Saylor, Bitcoin Evangelist and Entrepreneur, has been arrested for allegedly destroying models. Saylor was taken into custody after the police received multiple reports of missing people in the greater DC area, often from nearby modeling agencies. At least 48 people have disappeared over the last 18 months, and the police believe Saylor is responsible for their disappearances.

According to the police chief, Saylor's home and yacht were raided after an extensive investigation. In a story that is more American Psycho than American Success Story, they found multiple hidden rooms where he had been destroying models for what they believe to be years. The police chief said, "We found rooms filled with broken and destroyed models, advanced charts, and even some high-end prop algos. It was a disturbing sight."

Saylor's spokesperson, released a statement saying, "Our client is innocent and we will fight these charges. No models were destroyed, and there is no evidence to suggest that he had anything to do with the disappearances of these people."

Despite the spokesperson's defense, Twitter personality Bekka, has come forward to defend the man. She claimed that she knew him personally and that he was a Bitcoin evangelist and entrepreneur who was passionate about destroying financial models. She said, "He always talked about how he wanted to destroy the current financial system and create a new one based on Bitcoin. I never imagined he would take it this far."

The police have confiscated several items from the man's home, including computers, Bitcoin hot wallets, and lots and lots of cabling. They are currently investigating whether he used Bitcoin to fund his destructive habits.

This news has shocked the Bitcoin community, many of whom believed that the man was a legitimate entrepreneur and not a perverted model destroyer. Some have even started a campaign to raise funds for his defense, arguing that the government is trying to bring down Bitcoin.

In the wake of this news, the Bitcoin community has been thrown into turmoil. Many are calling for stricter regulations on Bitcoin entrepreneurs, while others are defending the man and his right to destroy models.

As the investigation continues, more details are likely to emerge about the man and his motivations. For now, the Bitcoin community is left wondering how someone who was supposed to be a visionary entrepreneur could have allegedly gone so far off the rails.

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