Michael Saylor Begins Selling Bathwater In Order To Buy More Bitcoin

Michael Saylor Begins Selling Bathwater In Order To Buy More Bitcoin
Photo by Roberto Nickson / Unsplash

In a play similar to Belle Delphine, a prolific egirl, Michael Saylor has began selling his bathwater to hysterical fans for extraordinary prices. Not only does one get a 8 oz vial of bathwater, they also get an ordinal to go with it. Saylor is partnering with Bitcoin Magazine on this one, as they have a ton of experience of very successfully selling ordinals. The price for the bundle comes out to 1 million satoshis.

Sales have reportedly been incredibly successful as mouth watering fans are lining up like it's Black Friday in order to purchase some of the bath water. Saylor has reportedly expanded to taking 3 baths a day in order to keep up with demand. What the fans are doing with the bath water is unknown, and hopefully will remain unknown because our mental health would likely be better by not knowing.

One fan said, "I get so excited every time there is a conference that Saylor speaks at. One time I traveled across the country to watch him talk on a screen instead of in person. It was like watching a podcast on the big screen. Well worth my money even if he wasn't in person. Now I'll have his bath water to take with me everywhere. It's like he's with me now."

Bekka commented on the news by saying, "I plan to drink a vial once a week. Saylor's bath water has great health effects that can prolong life and make you much happier. I wonder how many vials I need to purchase before he gives me the extra attention I have been asking for on Twitter."

Saylor has become a podcaster and conference organizer king maker of sorts. It is not an interesting media environment unless he is present. In many ways he was turned himself into the premiere Bitcoin celebrity, as when he walks by, grown men scream like teenage girls. This move to sell his bathwater appears to be yet just another expertly calculated move.

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