Michael Saylor Gets "58K Gang" Tattooed On Backside During Wild Miami Yacht Party

Michael Saylor Gets "58K Gang" Tattooed On Backside During Wild Miami Yacht Party

Miami – MicroStrategy CEO and outspoken Bitcoin Proponent Michael Saylor apparently got "58k Gang" tattooed on his rear end during a reportedly wild Miami yacht party to celebrate Bitcoin reaching $58,000 for the first time in over two years.

Photos of Saylor's tattoo made their way to social media early this morning after a Meme Factory member posted on X. Speculation about the photo and tattoo's authenticity began to spread until the now deleted post went viral. Popular X poster Bitcoin Bekka replied with something too horny to publish while others immediately started creating their own memes and making references to the Bitcoin price "bottoming".

The alleged timeline of the tattoo itself are still unclear. One Bitcoin X poster claimed Saylor made a bet with another attendee that Bitcoin wouldn't surpass $58,000 until AFTER the halving with the terms being whoever was wrong had to get their backside tattooed. Another alleged party guest claims Saylor asked guests if they dared him to get it, to which all guests replied "YES!" in unison.

Michael Saylor did not respond to requests for comments by The Bugle. He has remained mute on the issue and continued to post mostly AI generated Bitcoin art and pictures of charts showing MicroStrategy's returns since adopting the Bitcoin standard.

The exclusive Miami yacht party was reportedly attended by Bitcoin social media influencers, meme makers, and podcasters. Sometime around 2 AM local time Miami police received a noise complaint from residents within ear shot of the party. When police arrived the yacht was still docked but one meme creator Miami PD identified as "Satoshi Deniz" taunted officers by saying "You can't do shit to us, we're in international waters!"

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