Mr. Monopoly to Replace Benjamin Franklin On $100 Bill

Mr. Monopoly to Replace Benjamin Franklin On $100 Bill

Washington DC- "We are announcing a joint marketing campaign between Hasboro and The Treasury Department," announced Janet Yellen at a press conference on Sunday. "We need to come up with new and creative ways to engage the youth in using the dollar to prevent them from becoming interested in cryptocurrencies."

"This is a great move. Janet learned everything she knows about money from playing Monopoly with me as a kid," said Yellen's mother. "Monopoly teaches individuals real life lessons," she continued.

Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell also shared some remarks on the topic, adding, "Very few people actually use the paper money anymore. This seems like a really good way to transition to CBDC's."

The new $100 bill will begin circulating in June of 2024. Hasbro is rumored to be working with the World Economic Forum to develop new designs for other state currencies.

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