Munger Converts To Bitcoin On His Death Bed, Following Rat Poisoning

Munger Converts To Bitcoin On His Death Bed, Following Rat Poisoning
RIP Munger

The Lord Satoshi ushered Mr. Munger to the other side on Tuesday, November 28th following an unintentional ingestion of lethal rat poisoning which lead to the financial titan's death. Warren Buffet's side kick accidentally ingested a lethal dose of rat poison, thinking it was instant coffee, and was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was told that he would die. Lying on his death bed, the former fiat maximalist was heard by a nurse saying things like, "It goes up forever Laura," and, "It's a Swiss bank account in your wallet."

Munger had been a staunch Bitcoin skeptic and even critic up until his death. Main stream news publications are already trying to spin the nurse's story by saying that he was hallucinating because of the rat poison, and did not have a genuine change of heart. His business partner Warren Buffet, had compared Bitcoin to rat poison, causing some to speculate whether or not Buffet had a part to play in Munger's more than timely death. Had Munger actually converted to the way of Satoshi prior to his poisoning?

David Bailey tweeted that he was sad Munger couldn't have lived long enough to speak at the Bitcoin Magazine conference next year. "He could have been on so many Bitcoin podcasts," Stoney Bitson tweeted. Many individuals expressed their frustration that Munger did not get the chance to go on Rogan to spread the bright orange message. There will likely be many gnashing teeth on Cafe Bitcoin tomorrow morning at this lost marketing opportunity.

It is unknown if Munger had purchased Bitcoin or not before his death. His death comes at a time where there is likely unprecedented institutional adoption of Bitcoin as the banking system continues to look as confident as ever, and inflation continues on its transitory course. The only thing that's certain is that Munger's last words were HODL Bitcoin.