New York Public Library Selects 'The Bitcoin Standard' for Drag Queen Story Hour, Bitcoiners Conflicted

New York Public Library Selects 'The Bitcoin Standard' for Drag Queen Story Hour, Bitcoiners Conflicted
New York Public Library, the site of an upcoming drag queen story hour. 

In a move that has raised some eyebrows among the Bitcoin community, the New York Public Library has selected "The Bitcoin Standard" as the book of choice for their upcoming Drag Queen Story Hour. This news has left many Bitcoiners feeling conflicted, as they struggle to reconcile their love of libertarian ideals with the notion of B-Rate Drag Queens reading about Bitcoin to children.

For those unfamiliar with Drag Queen Story Hour, it is a program that has been hosted by the New York Public Library for many years. It invites local Drag Queens to come in and read compelling stories to children, with the aim of promoting literacy and acceptance of diversity (and nothing else, just those two things). The program has been praised by many as a positive step towards inclusivity and has even been replicated by libraries looking to raise the amount of conflict in their communities all over America.

But, this latest selection has caused some controversy. The Bitcoin Standard, written by Saifedean Ammous, is a book that delves into the history of money and argues for the superiority of Bitcoin as a store of value. It is a favorite among Bitcoin enthusiasts, who see it as a manifesto for the Bitcoin Maximalist movement. However, some have criticized the book for being overly technical and not accessible to the average reader. Head of Manhattan Progressives, Tory Phipps, commented on the book choice, "As a parent and a progressive, I am deeply concerned about the message that this event sends to our children. We need to protect them from harmful ideas and promote inclusivity and diversity at our Drag Queen Story Hours."

When asked about the decision to select The Bitcoin Standard for the Drag Queen Story Hour, New York Libraries Head of PR, Clara Noodle, explained that the library has been making an effort to book more out-of-the-box thinkers for the program.

"We want to challenge the children who attend these events, to expose them to new ideas and ways of thinking. And frankly, it's getting a little boring to read the same six stories about some non-binary, trans, or gay kid coming out to their parents and community, then magically flourishing because they think they're a unicorn or a bird or some other dumb shit like that. The Drag Queens we work with are all extremely intelligent and well-educated, and they have a lot to offer in terms of proper intellectual discourse. To be totally honest, they were starting to get bored."

Two dudes, dressed like women, read a book to kids with absolutely no agenda.

'Misses Mises', the featured Drag Queen reader for The Bitcoin Standard, echoes this sentiment. Having studied economics in college and post-grad, she saw an opportunity to combine her love of Austrian Economics and drag in an educational way.

"I think it's important to expose children to different economic theories, especially ones that challenge the status quo. I want to show them that there are alternatives to the mainstream, Keynesian approach to economics. And what better way to do that than through drag?"

However, not everyone is on board with this decision. Author, Saifedean Ammous expressed conflicted feelings about the booking.

"While I am flattered that my book was chosen for the Drag Queen Story Hour, I can't help but feel like it's a little I mean, the whole point of Bitcoin is to move away from traditional, centralized systems of control." On our phone call, he was then heard muttering under his breath, "Miss me with that haram shit."

Author and Professor Saifedean Ammous

Some Bitcoiners on social media have expressed similar sentiments, with some even calling for a boycott of the program.

"I'm sorry, but this is just ridiculous. Drag Queens reading about Bitcoin to children? What kind of message does that send? Bitcoin isn't sexy, hell it's 80% dudes. We're supposed to be promoting decentralization and individual liberty, not conformity to fake lashes and booty inserts," wrote one Twitter user.

Despite the backlash, the New York Public Library is standing by their decision.

"We understand that not everyone will agree with our choices, but we stand by our commitment to try intellectual curiosity outside of our standard New Yorker and Economist bubbles. We believe that exposing children to new ideas, and not just hyper-sexualized female representations played entirely by men, is the best way to foster a love of learning and promote critical thinking," said Clara Noodle.

Misses Mises is also undeterred by the criticism, and is looking forward to the event.

"I can't wait to read The Bitcoin Standard to the kids. I think they're going to love it. When I put on my wig, and lashes and full face of makeup to become Misses Mises, you could say I'm grooming the kids to be lovers of hard, hard money, just like me. Maybe one of them will grow up to be the next Satoshi Nakamoto?!"

Whether you agree with the decision or not, it's clear that the New York Public Library is committed to pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas. And who knows? Maybe this Drag Queen Story Hour will spark conversations amongst the mostly peaceful, but fiery, attendees of these events.

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