Nikki Haley Advocates For Children To Be Groped By Adults Before Entering School

Nikki Haley Advocates For Children To Be Groped By Adults Before Entering School

Nikki Haley, who currently resides with Shrek deep in the swamp, has been advocating for TSA to operate at public schools across the country. She is concerned that children are able to walk into school without being groped by adults, having too much tooth paste and bottled water. Haley is a major advocate for peace and freedom, having argued for more war as well as increased online surveillance. Many freedom lovers across the country are excited at the aspect of her being the potential running mate of Donald Trump, who's strategy has always been to drain the swamp by being the swamp.

Haley went on in an interview to say, "TSA has done such a good job of conditioning adults to being groped, having their bags searched, and to be generally demoralized. Take your shoes off, don't take your shoes off always keeps people guessing and generally willing to comply with whatever authority figures want. We need society to be deeply traumatized and full of self loathing so they are obedient. It was wonderful seeing what the lockdowns and mask mandates did to children, and we're excited to traumatize them much more."

Her tweet and comments on the matter come at a really interesting time, as Epstein court documents are being released, suggesting many things the American public already knew. The demoralization of a proud American society is no easy task but has been successfully happening for some time now. Giving government emergency powers has been an effective way to allow maximum demoralization through controls over speech, increases in mass surveillance, and the build up of a police state. "Fortunately we live in a democracy and not a dictatorship so all criticisms of the US government's totalitarianism is unfounded," Said Alex Gladstein when reached out to for comment on Haley's comments.

The theme of the ruling class advocating for the abuse of children continues to grow. Many are concerned that Bitcoiners are choosing to minimize the abuse of their children by keeping them far away from state run institutions, in favor of actually nurturing them and protecting them. The state should have a monopoly on children's education so they can coerce all individuals into being permanent buyers of pharmaceutical companies products, learn only state approved materials, and be insulated from dangerous misinformation. One important benefit TSA could have at schools is preventing the dissemination of books like Atlas Shrugged and The Bitcoin Standard.

Haley's comments, promoting the molestation of kids definitely increases her odds of being elected. We should see a bump in the polls, as the news agencies are bound to respond positively to her position as they also continue to spin the Epstein news and protect their buddies. It would not be surprising to see Jimmy Kimmel announce his endorsement for her this week after this comment.

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