NVK Arrested By Interpol Over Plot to Convert Big Ben Into BlockClock

NVK Arrested By Interpol Over Plot to Convert Big Ben Into BlockClock

London – NVK, creator of the popular Bitcoin hardware wallet ColdCard, was arrested Friday over an alleged plot to convert the world famous Elizabeth Tower landmark in London to a Bitcoin BlockClock. The clock tower, nicknamed Big Ben, which was completed in the mid 19th century has been an analogue clock for its entire existence.

NVK was taken into custody in Toronto, Ontario by Interpol Friday morning after a joint investigation with Canadian law enforcement. Officials from Interpol said they uncovered an elaborate plot by NVK and several unnamed associates to travel to London, dismantle the mechanical clock in Elizabeth Tower, and replace it with a custom made BlockClock over 20ft tall.

The Interpol official told The Bugle they received a tip from Peter McCormack, host of the popular What Bitcoin Did podcast. NVK allegedly informed McCormack of the plan "off the record" after recording an interview for the podcast earlier this year. McCormack was reportedly shocked by the plan and initially supported it but changed his mind when realizing Big Ben would report "Moscow Time" (unofficial name for the Bitcoin/U.S. Dollar exchange rate). "I don't think its appropriate to glorify anything that might bring credit to Vladimir Putin", McCormack told Interpol in an affidavit discovered by The Bugle.

Under a new law that governs "criminal defacing of memorials", which came into effect last year, NVK faces up to 10 years in prison, if convicted. Coinkite released a public acknowledgement of the company CEO's arrest which was aimed at customers assuring them their Bitcoin hardware wallets and other devices were secure and unaffected by the arrest.

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