Ordinals-phobic Podcaster's Alt Account Spotted in BRC-20 Spaces Multiple Times In Last Month

Ordinals-phobic Podcaster's Alt Account Spotted in BRC-20 Spaces Multiple Times In Last Month

The alt X account of a staunch opponent of Ordinals Inscriptions has been spotted in BRC-20 X Spaces multiple times since Thanksgiving, in a case that's rocking a small Bitcoin podcast community this month. The Spaces voyeur in question is an outspoken critic of NFTs, Inscriptions, and altcoins so his apparent presence in these spaces has listeners of his podcast and followers asking questions.

Several followers posted on X this week sharing screenshots and screen recordings which allege to show the podcaster's alt account not only in the audience of several different X Spaces dedicated to discussing art and JPEGs on the Bitcoin blockchain but even examples of the podcaster participating as a speaker.

Although its unconfirmed whether or not the podcaster is the owner of the account user's claim is, in fact, the podcaster's alt, several screenshots have been shared by his followers which show the podcaster accidentally replying to mentions of his main X account apparently meaning to have replied from the main account. All the replies were quickly deleted but not before users noticed and were able to get screenshots. On top of this, audio samples from screen recordings of the Spaces which include the owner behind the alt account speaking sound almost identical to the podcasters voice.

The controversy has rocked the small podcast community to the core. Some followers have expressed feelings of betrayal. Other's have simply unsubscribed to the podcast and plan to leave it at that. Still, many loyal followers were not so quick to judge. "I don't approve of Ordinals and Inscriptions. It's not something I participate in and its not something I would raise my family to value but nobody is perfect. I don't hate the inscriber, I hate the inscription. I wish he would just come clean and admit that he is an Ordinals respector. Live his truth" said one follower.

"Listen, what someone does in their personal life is their decision. It's not up for me to decide what is right or wrong. I'm just think its hypocritical to ridicule Ordinals users and call them worthless scammers then turn around and do the same thing in private. That's what bugs me about all this." Remarked a former listener who stated that he has since unsubscribed to the podcast.

Still others were more critical. "I can't support a NFT lover. It goes against everything I stand for." An anonymous X user posted. "What if I listen to his podcast and he tries to make me a NFT lover? No thanks"

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